A Dark Horse Riding [Ch. 1.50 Beta] By Turning Tricks

A Dark Horse Riding [Ch. 1.50 Beta] By Turning Tricks

Turning Tricks Games released a new game called A Dark Horse Riding and the version is Ch. 1.50 Beta. The game’s story is about A Dark Horse Riding is a story about a man who lives in multiple worlds. In one world, he is a respected businessman with a family that loves him. In another world, he is a member of an outlaw motorcycle club that ruthlessly protects their territory. And who knows … maybe one other world besides. A world that isn’t part of this world. You’ll have to follow the development of this visual novel to learn about that.​

Developer: Turning Tricks
File Size: 396.9 MB
Version: Ch. 1.50 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 1.50 Beta:

  • 7 new scenes
  • Apx 650 New Images
  • 4 animations
  • Added a Gallery
  • Added 63 images to the new gallery (45 from the previous releases and 18 from this release)
  • 8 new audio tracks
  • 2000 lines of code

Developer Notes:

Hey everyone. I hope you like the preview. My plan is to release the full Chapter 1 in about 2 months, maybe a little longer. I have already got a good start on the renders and the basic game structure is also complete.

Chapter 1 will be quite a bit bigger than this. This preview is basically 3 complete scenes. Chapter 1 will add another 29 scenes and probably over a thousand 1080p renders. I’ll also be adding some UI enhancements and a gallery in Chapter 1.

Right from the start. I have been rendering in 4K and downsizing for the best quality and my plan is to have a 4K image pack available for people that support the project on SubscribeStar or Itch. So that’s just one of the perks you can get when you donate.

Finally, a note about NTR. I do not plan to have any other man doing anything sexual with any of the love interests in this game. There may be some scenes where other women or two or three LI’s get together though. This is not a true Harem game in the traditional sense, but you can fuck just about all the main girls. And I will always give the player the option to skip lewd content with the characters that they don’t like.

Finally, this game will have multiple paths (There’s a basic sort of light and dark path choice right in the demo actually) and I will expand on that as I release more content. Each path I create will have roughly the same amount of total content, but it will be different depending on which path you chose. So, for the complete experience, you should save at the important choices and then you can go back after and try the game along a different path.

Game Images & Screenshots


A Dark Horse Riding [Ch. 1.50 Beta] By Turning Tricks

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