A Prince’s Tale [v0.1.1] By tiny-pastry

tiny-pastry Games released a new game called A Prince’s Tale and the version is 0.1.1. The game’s story is about A prince’s tale is a free-to-play text based erotic adventure game. You play as the prince of a fantasy kingdom. Recently, your father, the king, has left the kingdom in your hands. You are expected represent him in the royal council, where each councilor is looking to mentor you in some way, perhaps to benefit their own agenda. Especially the new royal sorceress seems keen on guiding you using her strange transformative magical powers…​

Developer: tiny-pastry
File Size: 67.1 MB
Version: 0.1.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added a short new scene when giving Morgana the potion instead of drinking it. This is so both paths now end at the same point. The scene gives some sense of where I’m thinking of bringing the dominant main questline, using magical potions to influence (and eventually transform) other characters.
  • Reworked the confession system. After confessing all your sins, you can now choose to accept Dominic’s absolution or reject it, turning it either into virtue or depravity points. If you lie to him at the start by saying you have no sins you will now instead gain some depravity points instead of virtue.
  • Reworked the coins minigame slightly. It is now much quicker as there are about a third less coins spawned and the coins itself bounce a bit more, giving a bit of a ‘billiards’ effect.
    Note: The intention of this minigame is that it’s very quick and fun to play around with. It should not simply feel like a chore. I hope these changes will help achieve that goal, in the future I’m planning to add some sound effects, that should also help.
  • Added mobile support for both minigames.
    Note: When initially releasing the game I didn’t test anything on mobile and intended to release without mobile support. However, I have since gotten the feedback that pretty much most of the game works on mobile except for the minigames. This was quite unexpected and after testing it a bit myself, there are definitely some styling changes I will need to implement to make it better but for now I have added working touch controls on the minigames so that the game is at least playable on your phone.
  • Added an option to skip minigames in the cheats menu.
  • Fixed the invalid passages when training with Wymerus after some time.
  • Fixed the missing passages when confessing to Dominic.
  • Fixed Morgana’s spell effect sometimes sticking around even when not charmed.

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