Alena’s New Life [v0.7.5] By Jinnxx Games

Jinnxx Games released a new game called Alena’s New Life and the version is 0.7.5. The game’s story is about Alena has turned 18 and she decided to run away from home! There will be an adventure awaiting her in the new town; she will make new friends, as well as enemies, and she will discover new places and experiences.​

Developer: Jinnxx Games
File Size: 2.27 GB
Version: 0.7.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Hello! In this update I added 6 scenes and the ground work for more hot interactions with Alex in the “I like it” path. It took longer than I expected because of the long script, but now since the ground work is here I can add more scenes easily.


  • 3 scenes added in pizza delivery with Sophie And Jennifer
  • Loren can join you in Mia’s office, when in sub mode, talk to her to join Alena to give Mia services
  • Few more more spy footage of Mia, when you get to the forth one you can get –Lara to Mia’s office. so she could have fun with her.
  • 5 Scenes added when Alena uses Lara as a toy fort Mia
  • Lara use Alena as a prostitute, when Alena invites her over the 2nd time. There two scenes for this, one is lesbian only path and the other one is mixed.
  • Alena realizes Alex is Friends with Mia


  • Added 3 scenes in the sub path for Mia.
  • Added 5 scenes in the dom path for Mia.
  • Re-rendered few sprites and images.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • The “Actually, I Like it” path is now available to play.
  • Added 7 scenes with Loren in the bathroom, where Loren humiliates Alena.
  • The LaPizza restaurant will have different experience now., there will be different humiliating scenes across the restaurant.
  • Alena will make more money in this path.
  • Re-Rendered 150+ images.


  • Added 122 new images
  • Added the end#2 for the story.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Alena’s End #3 with Alex, (selling out Loren) option.
  • More pizza delivery scenesAlena introducing
  • Loren to Lara (female cashier)
  • Re-Rendered few scenes in Alena’s room with Loren.

11 new scenes + groundwork for new end


Developer Notes:

Please note this is my first game and I’ve learned a lot while I’m in the progress of developing it, so you might notice some sloppy work. I apologize in advance for that. And I promise I will deliver higher quality updates in the future. Also please notice that this game isn’t finished/still in progress, most of the paths are not done yet.

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Walkthough

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