Alice: A Hard Life [Ep1 – v1.5] By Caylake

Caylake Games released a new game called Alice: A Hard Life and the version is Ep1 – 1.5. The game’s story is about My game is a choice-based visual novel where you take on the role of Alice Garcia, a secret agent working for the government. She lives in a small, quiet apartment building. Having been involved in many missions so far, Alice has a maverick personality. That’s why she hasn’t been able to fulfill the missions she’s been given. She is given one last chance and is given a new mission. Alice starts a new job as a senior year teacher at a private high school. In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of her mission, she adopts a fake name, Helena White. In this new and challenging role, she will meet many people, encounter numerous difficulties, and be forced to compromise on her lifestyle and personality.

On one hand, there’s the pressure of her job, and on the other, economic hardships. Her life is filled with unanswered questions. Are the decisions she makes really right? What if he makes a wrong decision? Will she remain a pure woman, knowing that she may fail in her mission, or will she give in to temptation and become a dirty prostitute in order to succeed in her mission? Some decisions have to be made, perhaps unwillingly. At the end of these questions, all she has to ask herself is this: How do I know right from wrong?

Developer: Caylake
File Size: 2.05 GB
Version: Ep1 – 1.5
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 450+ new images
  • 4+ new animations
  • 4000+ new lines of code
  • Several render and code fixes

Game Images & Screenshots


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