Altered Vision [0.13.5] By Caretaker Publishing

Caretaker Publishing Games released a new game called Altered Vision and the version is 0.13.5. The game’s story is about Altered Vision is a game in the spirit of Perverted Education, Censored Sight, and Secretary. It revolves around a male protagonist being manipulated by a cadre of women in his life and lead down a corrupt path of submission.​

Developer: Caretaker Publishing
File Size: 109.0 MB
Version: 0.13.5
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

New scenes and changes:

  • New morning event with a special portion if you’re in chastity. (Properly implemented.)
    Two extensive new gyaru activities to pay her for, one involving a “”handjob”” and the other involving a surprise.
    New girlfriend scene for both routes.
    New Therapist stage, with a very special treat if you obey her, and a special penalty if you don’t. (And alternate text for low stamina players.)
    New Mom weekend scene. (And alternate text for low stamina players.)
    Several new images.
  • Changes:
  • Weekend wages lifted from 50 to 100. Inflation is real. For more info, google r34 inflation.
    Gyaru ‘hang out and pay’ amounts reduced to 40 or if you have less than 40, your whole wallet. This will allow players to build up and save money instead of having it wiped out entirely when using this option.
    Implemented simple wardrobe system. Now you change your underwear from a menu in your room, rather than selecting it before bed. You can double-check what underwear you’re wearing from the ‘character’ page.
    Low stamina alt. text added to morning bus event.
    Implemented numbered hotkeys for options.
  • Grammar and bugs:
  • Variety of typos and errors fixed. Thank you all who report them.

Game Images & Screenshots

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