Amelia Training [Alpha v0.9b] By TheInkBrush

Amelia Training [Alpha v0.9b] By TheInkBrush

TheInkBrush Games released a new game called Amelia Training and the version is Alpha v0.9b. The game’s story is about Amelia Anal Training​. Sexual events at the gym. [There is no story implemented or dialogues for now]

Developer: TheInkBrush
File Size: 407 MB
Version: Alpha v0.9b
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Alpha v0.9b

  • The entire game has been remade from the beginning.
  • Old saves won‘t work .


  • Basic button event test.
  • New game code and art.
  • Old saves will not work at Alpha v0.7.

Developer Notes:

About me:

  • Hello, I’m an artist in Germany looking to create NSFW content.
  • It’s my first time making games… so everything in its path.
  • I have quite recent twitter and instagram, all new for me.

Game Images & Screenshots


Amelia Training [Alpha v0.9b] By TheInkBrush

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