Angel Under [v0.6.0] By BabusGames

BabusGames released a new game called Angel Under and the version is 0.6.0. The game’s story is about Babus here. I’m extremely happy to finally release the game that has been keeping me away for so long. I present you the first version of Angel Under! Angel Under is a visual novel/action game with a lot of emphasis on characters and story. You’ll take the role of Erin and Milo, two aspirants in a reality TV show about killing demons in the war against Hell. It’s still short of content (around 30-40 mins of gameplay), but I hope it’s enough to gain your attention! We’ve really poured our heart on this one, and we plan it to become a big, rich-content game someday… If you like what you’re seeing, of course! As always, we are craving for your opinions and reviews. They really help us shape out our projects! Enjoy!​

Developer: BabusGames
File Size: 174.8 MB
Version: 0.6.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details


Major Features

  • More story! (Around 7795 words added)
  • Gallery mode implemented!
  • he non-linear part of the game starts now!
  • 2 new animated NSFW scenes!
  • A quest menu has been added.
  • 2 new castle locations, plus 2 visual reworks.
  • Minor Features
  • Bolonia’s main pose has been reworked.
  • Help fairies have been implemented.
  • Comics and scenes are now affected by postprocessing.
  • Added another quality option for the blur.
  • Added another skip.

– Film grain is now activated by default.
– Milo’s color of boots during jump has been fixed.
– A bug that caused some sounds to trigger twice has been fixed.
– (A lot more of small fixes. We just can’t fit all of them in this changelog)

– Updated to Unity 2023.2.12f1
– Added internal tool to manage credits easier.
– Added internal tool to manage dialogue databases.
– Added internal tool to generate popups and unify the existing ones.
– A long etc.

Developer Notes:

1. The story orbits around the relationship of the two protagonists, which initially have a non romantic mentor-student bond.
2. It’s planned to have a 2D shooter gameplay section in the futureWe made a prototype some time ago with this idea in mind.
3. Frame-per-frame animated scenes.

Game Images & Screenshots


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