Another World [v1.6.1] By Maelstrom

Another World [v1.6.1] By Maelstrom

Maelstrom Games released a new game called Another World and the version is 1.6.1. The game’s story is about Do you ever feel like you’re floating? Welcome to Another World – a slice-of-life visual novel centred around Arvin, alongside his friends and acquaintances. Get to know all of the 10+ romanceable characters, and explore each relationship as you try to find your place within this world.Just remember, though – nothing is ever as it seems.

Developer: Maelstrom
File Size: 1.45 GB
Version: 1.6.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 11,000 words (~113,000 Total)
  • Approx 1 Extra Hour of gameplay (~10 hrs total)
  • 8 New Events (1 Natsuki, 2 Kirei, 1 Rin, 1 Iris, 1 Yurika, 1 Literature Club, 1 Hidden)
  • 9 New Songs, New Menu BGs, 4 New H Gallery images, 2 New Character Images
  • New Lock icons for unseen events
  • New optional side images for dialog
  • Fixes/Changes for older content

Developer Notes:

This game is currently in active development, so if you like what you see, consider aiding further updates by donating through, or subscribing through either 

Game Images & Screenshots


Another World [v1.6.1] By Maelstrom

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