Apocalyptic World [v0.34] By ttyrke

ttyrke Games released a new game called Apocalyptic World and the version is 0.34. The game’s story is about an Open World, RPG, and sandbox. You’ve survived the nuclear war but what at the cost? You survived it in a bunker while others adapted and lived their lives.​

Developer: ttyrke
File Size: 1.23 GB
Version: 0.34
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Negan quest couldn’t progress if Sanctuary was opened through slave market route.
  • Mistress sex wrong text.
  • NPC marry error fix
  • Not 100% sure BUT false positive in patches shouldn’t be there anymore. (Didn’t had consistent result before so can’t be 100% sure but if not – will continue to work on it)
  • Base attack. Was incorrect enemy count in text,
  • Eve champagne event. Captured woman slave didn’t lose virginity if used.
  • Basement events didn’t trigger
  • Transfemale hooker caps transformed to NaN
  • Without starting game, pressing on packs forwarded to game.


  • Event [Slave market – Sanctuary] – Alternative route to open sanctuary via selling slaves. (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • Events [Guest with guest] (existing) – Added option to ask for a creampie (contr.
  • Custom portraits replaced with transparent background (contr. Thomas Muller 0.0) =
  • Event [Car explore] – attack car
  • Event [Waterfall girl] (existing) – added option to capture enemies.
  • Added new zone/district under MC settlement and moved there nursery. (Plan is to put there all not often visited places BUT related to learning (school/library, etc)
  • Event [Workshop] – Build library
  • Event [Library] – Read book (if you have) + some horny guest might approach (Max int to 100) (Existing event in church max will work till 50 int, exploring teacher to 60).
  • Cheatmenu: Option to increase slave/guest corruption to max (For supporters)
  • Bathhouse image moved to background image
  • Event [Workshop] – Build hot tub (With a chance guest might approach)
  • Event [Hottub] – Relax in hottub (% chance to increase max energy to 140 or taking away beaten (body hurts) perk)
  • Added option to take a shower in bathhouse
  • Event [Shower] – While taking shower in bathouse, chance that npc will join.
  • Basement, Forest, Greenhouse replaced pregnancy same as guest house (better mobile view)
  • Event [Scavening didn’t came home] (existing). Now also males and trans will go missing.
  • Event [Basement] – slave party introduction
  • Event [Basement] – slave party (repeatable) + invite slave to bedroom
  • Event [Settlement] – Help plow field for Rodger (if have horse)
  • Wrote a script for “update only”. From now on, if no major changes will be changed, always there also will be only update files.
  • Event [Library] – Read book (extended) (For supporters)
  • Added Anna Belle pack (contr. Klamar)

Developer Notes:

This project is and will be absolutely free. For now, if you want to support my work, just leave a comment in lewdgames.net. My ears are all yours. I need suggestions, criticism and your true opinion This is my first game ever.

Game idea is that it will be a fully open world, rpg game where you can be who ever you want. You want to be a farmer, slave merchant, just a random good/evil guy, bounty hunter, cage figher, Cannibal? You can be whatever you want!

Reputation system There will be reputation system like in RDR2 where you can decide how people will look at you. If you help strangers and other people, you get it; if you kill innocent people/slave – you lose it.

Custom images for girls (MOD):

1. Create new folder and rename it to girl name under images/actions/<GirlName>
2. Copy folders from other existing action folder(for example basement)
3. Add your images (can be gif or webp)
2. Run `node searchActions.js` (To run npm on Windows, you need to download the Node. js installer package first)
3. Enjoy the customized sex scenes.

PDF manual with images: MEGA

Game Images & Screenshots


Others: ONLINE

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