Aruna and the Labyrinth of SealedLewd [v1.205] By enoughmin

enoughmin Games released a new game called Aruna and the Labyrinth of SealedLewd and the version is 1.205. The game’s story is about It’s an erotic rogue-like action. The explorer Aruna once again finds herself lost in the erotic ancient civilization’s labyrinth. Using the weaponry of the ancient civilization, she battles adhesive creatures, restraining tentacle creatures, and tentacle traps, while seeking to uncover the mystery of the ancient civilization’s collapse.​

Developer: enoughmin
File Size: 204.3 MB
Version: 1.205
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Added coloring function


  • Implemented invasion rooms with various types of enemies placed.


  • Fixed a bug that caused progression issues in ver1.085
  • Added two new types of adhesive enemies
  • Changed the behavior of enemies
  • Randomized the appearance of bosses and added a UI to display the number of bosses

Developer Notes:

[Content] After the ending, the game naturally progresses to a moderate difficulty level, leading to defeat H! Playable throughout, when ensnared by tentacles, resist by shaking your hips! The maze is automatically generated randomly each time. Tentacle traps disguised as corridors and large numbers of enemies lurk in the halls. Use the ancient relic “Assault Core Armament” to fly around and explore the maze through battles. The status will not progress to futa transformation until it reaches a certain level. It can be prevented by receiving treatment regularly.

Game Images & Screenshots


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