Arvale Protocol [v0.2.0] By SurvivalMyths

Arvale Protocol [v0.2.0] By SurvivalMyths

SurvivalMyths Games released a new game called Arvale Protocol and the version is 0.2.0. The game’s story is about Home to around 8.5 billion citizens, Arvale City has become the number one living spot for the entirety of the world’s population. Surrounding the city, are the walls that shield people away from the outside world. Each and every citizen have been chipped at birth, all of which being special devices handcrafted by a high-rise corporation, otherwise known as “A.V.A.” These devices are called, “B.D’s.” While having a super computer implanted into your brain might seem like a cool idea, having a government tracking device will prove to be a lot more problematic than one might think.

Developer: SurvivalMyths
File Size: 844.1 MB
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details



  • Added:
    The Party District (New map addition)
    2 new sexual abilities for Risa (One is obtainable during the main quest)
    1 new sexual ability for Cecilia
    Main quest continuation
    The “Insanity” status effect icon has been changed
    New side quest “Down with Desperation”
    New side quest “Coming Clean”
    Mei’s art and H-Scene has been remade
    Phoebe’s art and H-Scene has been remade
    New side quest “Mind Over Matter”
    New romance companion “Mee-Mee”
  • Changes:
    The level cap has been decreased to 30
    Cecilia’s “Heal” skill cost has been reduced to 30
    Risa’s “Flash” sexual skill cost has been increased to 60
    All party members gain XP at the end of each battle, regardless whether or not they are downed
    There are now map transitions on the sidewalks leading to Alzo Prison
    The rewards for the quest “Zinc in the Hole” have been chan
    The music during the cutscene post X-2 boss fight has been changed
    Zeno’s “Blind Fire” skill cost has been reduced to 70
    Risa’s “Arm Shield” skill cost has been reduced to 70
    Poison has been nerfed from taking 20% of a target’s health to 5% per turn
    Poison now goes away mid battle after a few turns
    Zeno’s “Deadshot” has been buffed to do slightly more damage
  • Fixes:
    Minor dialogue resolution overlaps during the first battle have now been fixed
    Quest log text has been changed to properly align with the game’s resolution
    Some of the fire effects in the Living District should no longer look broken
    Risa’s sprite should now disappear after completing her training session
    Sound effect fixes for the chest in the old gift shop
    Augments should now be fully equippable

Developer Notes:

Arvale Protocol will be a free title at launch (whenever that is), so if you’d rather wait for the full product, then come back later! If you want to help suggest / personally request content for the game and get involved with development, then come on by and support me! I’d greatly appreciate it! I try to make all of my games free.

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Arvale Protocol [v0.2.0] By SurvivalMyths

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