Babylon’s Dreams [Prologue v1.2] By Uncensored Studio

Uncensored Studio Games released a new game called Babylon’s Dreams and the version is Prologue 1.2. The game’s story is about

Set in the future, planet Earth is facing destruction due to the devastating effects of intense climate change. The human race takes refuge in fortress cities collectively called Babylon, with the promise of a life of luxury, freedom and depravity, in cybernetic bodies with artificial AI bots at their service. A young girl fleeing her condition of solitude on earth attempts a last desperate transfer to Babylon, but finds herself imprisoned inside the body of a mysterious Sex Doll and discovers that the much acclaimed cybernetic paradise is not as advertised. In a whirlwind of revelations and situations bordering on the paradoxical, experience the adventures of this unlikely heroine.

BD is a female protagonist, story-driven visual novel that explores the complexity of human nature and desires, technological innovation and the advancement of civilization. While Babylon’s Dreams is a story-driven product the erotic context is central to the Lore of the world of Babylon and therefore there will be no shortage of explicit situations.

We have created and released a stand-alone prologue available to all in order to introduce the world and story of Babylon’s Dreams.

The world of Babylon is complex and multifaceted and we would be honored if you would check us out and let us know what you think!

Developer: Uncensored Studio
File Size: 708 MB
Version: Prologue 1.2
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Prologue v1.2
Golden House Experience update
In the central part of the Prologue, a new email has been activated. Inside there is a completely new Add-on to play. This update is a preview of what to expect in the first chapter of BD coming out this summer in terms of art direction, style, gameplay etc etc.


  • Completely new section doubling game time
  • fully animated
  • Sample of gameplay (upcoming BD main VN)
  • New characters


  • New 3d style
  • 1500 videos renders/frames


Developer Notes:

We are new to this “world”, please keep this in mind!

While we have audio, video and graphics experience, Babylon’s Dream represents our first attempt at a project of this type. Our aim is to create an attractive, fun and stimulating product but given our inexperience as DEVs we seek support and feedback to continually improve and fine tune our product.


Let’s get straight to the point, BD without this technology would not exist at the moment. We use AI as one of many tools. In fact we use AI to create the draft we have in mind, then the graphic designers carry out a total retouch and then redesign a good part of the work. As mentioned, the prologue is just a one-shot separate from the main project, what you see in the trailer (on patreon site or at the end of the prologue) is the official artistic form of the Main project created by another graphic designer who will be the main artist.

We have been working on this project for more than 3 years, especially on the authorial and writing side, our biggest obstacle was reaching a visual level that satisfied the level we set for ourselves. We initially tried using 3D but the result was too generic and did not reach the level we were looking for without investments that were not possible. BD’s production, as we imagine it, is demanding from both a writing and visual perspective. As a small team starting out on an ambitious project, we seek to use as many tools as we can to produce the best quality product possible.

With the use of AI things were simpler and visually consistent with our ideas, we therefore worked with some graphic designers on a mix between 2D design and AI, investing everything possible to guarantee an equal level between writing and visual. Our position on AI is favorable if used as a tool equal to Photoshop.

Game Images & Screenshots



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