Baldr’s Squid Isekai: A Parody [Early Access] By A Memory of Eternity LLC/TORii

A Memory of Eternity LLC/TORii Games released a new game called Baldr’s Squid Isekai: A Parody and the version is Early Access. The game’s story is about Baldr’s Squid Isekai is an adult parody Rogue-lite extraction RPG with lots of cartoon violence! And uh, sex, I guess.​

Developer: A Memory of Eternity LLC/TORii
File Size: 2.93 GB
Version: Early Access
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • Baldr’s Squid Isekai is a joke! It’s also an adult parody RPG with lots of cartoon violence and sex!
  • Play as a mighty hero who got isekai’ed into a wet dream fantasy world. Kidnapped by legally and creatively distinct squid villains, you must fight your way out of the… Squid Game*.
  • *The full legal listing for the event is the Squid-related Series of Very Dangerous Combat Encounters Broken by Social Survival Type Scenarios
  • Join one of three groups of hot babes, almost like some shitty harem anime. We’ll show you what hentai wouldn’t dare!
  • Legitimate loving relationships built through a bonding experience under incredible stress.
  • The main thrust of the gameplay is leveling your characters, getting better loot, and of course, having ludicrous amounts of sexual intercourse with your unexplainably horny companions!
  • Gameplay features:
  • A narrative-driven RPG, who doesn’t like porn with a plot?
  • 5 distinct player classes that experience the game in different ways, i.e trick you into replaying the game!
  • 6 recruitable companions with their own unique classes! And unique mouth feel!
  • Lots of loot! A layered equipment system like history nerds always wanted!
  • Speaking of which… there are gambesons!
  • Optional Rogue-lite mechanics
  • A complex and somewhat dickish AI DM
  • Animated pixel cartoon porn! With text, because reading can be done with no hands!
  • Note: This version of the game has not been tested for Steamdeck yet.

Game Images & Screenshots


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