Beast Control [v0.3.0] By Kiryuuco

Beast Control [v0.3.0] By Kiryuuco

Kiryuuco Games released a new game called Beast Control and the version is 0.3.0. The game’s story is about Visual Novel where you control a Beast Boy that embraces his animal side and his newfound powers! Use your powers to control other people, and transform them into animals too!​

Developer: Kiryuuco
File Size: 109.6 MB
Version: 0.3.0
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.3.0 – New and old scenes:

More than a 100 new Renders! A new scene each for the BBW Cow path, and the Femboy Bunny path, and now for non-patreons, access to the Bimbo Bunny Path!
Harley Quinn also gets a new scene with her first transformation!

  • New Renders and Old Scenes Remade

I heard the feedback, and we now have new Beast Boy renders! All of his Renders ingame have already been changed to this new one! With the exception of the Tea Making Bad Ending, and the Bomb Making scene, which should be added on the next release.
Old scenes also got remade for better flow and dialogue! With images now better fitting the screen!

Android builds now will be done! And images now better fit the screen!

Beast Training is the new feature that the game will have! With that, I’ll explore “What If” scenarios in which Beast Boy uses his power on himself, but training never goes well, and we can explore some “Bad Ends” together!
The first one is already available for Patreons! The BBW Hucow scene for Beast Boy, with Horse Raven doing a special appearance at the end!
Every update will have a new Beast Training scene, with the previous one exclusive to Patreons being released to everyone.

Developer Notes:

This is just a first release, more of a demo, of what the game will look like.
The main focus will be using your DNA Powers to corrupt other characters, and then transforming them.
The first character will be Raven, with the three first paths being a Cowgirl Transformation, a Bunny Transformation, and a Dragon Transformation.
As development continues, new transformations will be added and new characters also.

Game Images & Screenshots


Beast Control [v0.3.0] By Kiryuuco

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