Becoming The Hangman [v0.33] By Gen

Gen Games released a new game called Becoming The Hangman and the version is 0.33. The game’s story is about A story about a young man who lives with his single mother in a big house. The MC’s life changes when he meets a kid called Adam at an illegal underground fight club. They become friends and the MC later finds out that Adam is the son of Don Morello, the head of the Morello family, the most powerful mafia in the city. The Morellos recruit the MC to be Adam’s bodyguard and they are impressed with his skills. So they assign the MC jobs that help him climb the ranks of the mafia and earn the trust of the Don himself.

The jobs and tasks become more cruel and difficult, one after the other, but the MC does them flawlessly and exceeds all expectations. However, with each job, he becomes more cruel and heartless, and that changes his relationship with his family and friends. Find out how the MC becomes.. the hangman.​

Developer: Gen
File Size: 3.26 GB
Version: 0.33
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Technical changes:

  • Inpainted all videos to remove logos.
  • The videos are now much higher in quality. They are still compressed. The reason for the increase in size isn’t because of new scenes -End of the Heroines is mostly text only-, it’s because many videos are now 1080p instead of 720p and the compression is lossless this time.
  • Disabled video controls. (Fuck you, skippers!)
  • Ok you can enable video controls from your bedroom, just know that I’m disappointed in you. (A few videos will still have restricted controls no matter what.)
  • Removed the Side Quests screen.
  • Loading the ending screen from 0.32 will start EoH right away. Otherwise, you have to visit the Morellos yourself to start the scene.

New Scenes:

  • End of the Heroines
  • Intro to the next chapter

Developer Notes:

]Will be releasing future updates to the game.

Game Images & Screenshots


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