Hatomame Games released a new game called BITCH FAMILY ON THE VILLAGE and the version is 1.01_MOD1. The game’s story is about The Bitch Family Lands on a Depopulated Island!
The Hibino family consists of the parents and two daughters, all four members are bitches!
Even today, they give head, a titjob or get creampied, somewhere!
One summer, they are invited to a depopulated island by a relative (dad’s twin sister).
To help her revitalize the island with her guesthouse, the bitch family dedicates themselves to cheer the fuck up the islanders!
SPOILER: Game Details

They enjoy themselves in swimsuits and serve as waitresses!
In the end, they hold a festival and go wild with sex in festival coats! There’s also a mysterious being on the island…?
Earn points through sex, and use those points to go on a shopping spree for costumes and various other things!
There are numerous sex scenes prepared for each bitch, so tour the island with your favorite bitch depending on your mood at the time!
You can also get a tan through oil massages, and the tanned state is reflected in the sex scenes!
After clearing the game, you can continue playing by carrying over the save data.
Complete all the scenes and become a Bitch Master!
There are 65 basic CGs (not including character sprites), over 500 variations, and more than 100 H-scenes!
The full version includes a recollection room and the option to unlock all recollections.

Developer: Hatomame
File Size: 2.08 GB
Version: 1.01_MOD1
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added the English Translation to the original version dated ( Mar/23/2024 ) on DLsite.
  • Optimized the game, by resizing the images to fit the game window, thus reducing the game size from 6GB to 2.2Gb. No quality loss. Had to edit the code too. Wasn’t easy, but I managed it.
  • Added 2 plugins for quality of life features. Performance improvements and better text rendering (bold/italic text, color coded names, auto text-wrapping). They also fix some common bugs in RPG Maker MZ.
  • Enhanced the formatting of the text with the message plugin.

Developer Notes:

  • ● Controls
    Move: Arrow keys, left mouse click
    Open menu: X key, right mouse click
    Confirm: Z key, left mouse click
    Cancel: X key, right mouse click, ESC key
  • Auto text forwarding: A key
    Message skip: S key (skip while pressing)
  • In addition, you can turn on and off screen shake effects, event CG effects, and event auto skip functions
    in the settings change screen available from the menu.
  • ● Tips for progressing in the game
    Try to handle the warehouse event on the park map every day.
    There is no time limit, so forgetting it is not a problem, but visiting the open-air bath after the warehouse event
    will trigger a special event.
  • If you take a bath without helping at night and sleep slowly, you may have a dream. If you have extra points, you have the option to rest without helping Luna.
  • Using the open-air bath before the warehouse event or in the evening will gradually trigger an event where a suspicious presence approaches. Be careful as the daughter who unfortunately encounters it will be incapacitated for a day.
  • Using items can quickly trigger events that occur by chance or events that do not occur without repeated attempts.
    Be careful with how you use them.
  • Actively purchase new costumes.
    Sex in new costumes earns more points than in casual clothes.
  • Luna’s sex scenes can be accessed by talking to Luna at the counter on the 1st floor of the guesthouse and selecting “What should I do?” → “How to do something new?”
    You can listen to her stories with the points you have earned.
  • The conditions for clearing are:
    – Complete the warehouse event
    – Have enough sex with the islanders to accumulate points
    Check your results with Luna, and if you meet the conditions, you will reach the final event.
  • After clearing, you can reload the clear data and resume.
    You also receive bonus points, so please aim to complete everything.
  • There are also special sex scenes exclusive to the gallery room available at the far right of the room.
    You can purchase them with points, so please enjoy those as well.

Game Images & Screenshots


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