Blossom of Pleasure [v0.38] By Bildur

Bildur Games released a new game called Blossom of Pleasure and the version is 0.38. The game’s story is about In this open world, men are the oppressed gender. Without their mistress, they have no free decision-making power. However, it is up to you whether this will always be the case. As the chosen one, you must first unfold your powers and decide whether you will lead this world to ruin or usher in a new era. Get to know different personalities on your journey and experience a variety of fetishes.​

Developer: Bildur
File Size: 3.78 GB
Version: 0.38
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Continuation of the hand job from Riccarda (sub)
  • Night event with Riccarda (sub)
  • New location – Red Light District (sub)
  • Minor scene – Adria pool evening (switcher/sub)
  • Minor scene – Lara pool evening (switcher/sub)
  • Introduction scene with Maja (sub)
  • Minor scenes with Maja (sub)
  • Added animations to various scenes
  • Reworked garden entry scene with Maja
  • More choices in various scenes (switcher/dom)


  • Selection menu for narrators (immersive, balanced, minimal)
  • Animated City Map
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Custom music settings for Red Light District
  • Smoother transitions between locations
  • New outro animation
  • New driving animation
  • Sync your saves and download to another device
  • Backup your saves before you update on android
  • Formatted history output
  • Added option to change contrast and brightness

Developer Notes:

  • You will find clues in your smartphone.
  • If you have played through the main story to the current end of development.
    • You receive an ending screen.
    • The open world can still be played.
  • You can set fetishes on/off.
    • This will not put you at a disadvantage.
    • Content that would actually be at this point is marked as seen and it continues as usual.
  • If you don’t like the text box, you can configure it in the settings.

Dealing with display problems:

  1. Change renderer in Preferences -> Display
  2. Restart game


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Game Images & Screenshots



Patches: INCEST – INCEST (Mirror)

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