Bound in Desire [v0.18] By Kerni

Kerni Games released a new game called Bound in Desire and the version is 0.18. The game’s story is about is a full 3D, third person role play game with a focus on erotic and kinky bondage adventures. You play as Kyra, the new technical manager for the developing outpost planet Tau Centi 3. Your job was supposed to be easy and laid back, just overwatching some gynoids and androids, but seemingly the AI got kind of distracted and redefined how humans are to be bound and restrained.​

Developer: Kerni
File Size: 6.23 GB
Version: 0.18
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added: About 500 vn frames for the story
  • Added: Yuubaris restraint shower is now a repeatable event.
  • Fixed: Clothing state does now stay permanent after loading a save
  • (did a complete overhaul of the internal clothing system)
  • Fixed: Many clothing sets do now feature… shoes.. yes.. that was requested >_<.

Developer Notes:


  • Just like Milky Ways, a full 3D environment for the player to discover (this time in third-person perspective)
  • A lewd Main AI which really likes to see humans bound and restrained. (plus, vibrators)
  • Bondage and lewd devices you can build with the building device in the main base. You may build as much as you want, but be careful, you need resources for them.
  • The start of a way to kinky story.
  • Several outfits for the girls unlocked during the story or during exploration.
  • Several lewd toys the girls can wear on their body (will be expanded in later updates)
  • A free roaming mode during the game in which you can find new devices or play with the girls or see them play with the devices on their own or maybe with each other.
  • A simple inventory system to manage the kinky toys (WIP)
  • A simple character creator.
  • Some hints for first time players:
  • The game will take a long time to load up and maybe appear to be frozen. This is due to the massive amount of animations I created and all the assets which needs to be loaded in.


W,A,S,D (the usual =P)
C – crouch
Tab – Inventory
M – Map and quests
Esc – Menu
Shift – slow walk/crouch
E – interact with NPC/toy/device/Machine
G – Ping for doable events
A few little tips:

  • (There is a Tips and Tricks file in the game folder, and some save files if you get stuck)
  • When you do not know where to go to, press M to call the map and then click on the next quest (right part of the screen)
  • Pressing Q in any event will make it almost skip through it (until a decision has to be made or the event ends)
  • Pressing G in free roaming mode shows you the doable events in the vicinity (look for a particle effect)
  • Running past the evil robots who want to restrain you is a valid tactic (I made the game not too hard; it should be fun not stressful)
  • In the inventory, there is a cheating module (if resources are missing)
  • Spa-gift cards for bondage massages and kinky things should respawn after a while. (A robot will deliver it to the same positions again)

Game Images & Screenshots


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