Bunnygirl Succubus [v0.1.6.3] By Snekbites

Snekbites Games released a new game called Bunnygirl Succubus and the version is The game’s story is about Bunnygirl Succubus is an RPG simulation adventure game about a Bunnygirl named Lily, who mysteriously becomes a succubus, and must travel to the city of Aphrodisia to learn about her powers.​

Developer: Snekbites
File Size: 202.0 MB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed bug caused by directly teleporting to Luss Street 1 when doing AnimeQuest.
    Fixed bug where different SFX wouldn’t play from the pool.
    Fixed bug where you could buy lewdities before you require them, making a softlock
    Lily got pounded event has double the chance of any other event (to mitigate grinding RNG for the event to happen to progress with Angie’s quest.)
    BDSM Mansion has new BGM.
    Added new Title Screen buttons.
    Fixed some issues regarding moan audio.
    Fixed some issues regarding SFX audio.
    Now SFXs will not repeat UNLESS there’s only 1 SFX in the pool.
    SFXs now will have lower/higher pitches for the sake of variety.
    Fixed bug where sometimes SFXs would overlap
    Fixed bug regard the console command to change flags.
  • Added a CNC filter.
    The following CNC affects the following scenes:
    All BDSM mansion job scenes.
    Roxie x Lucy bedroom scenes.
    LucyxRoxieSpreading will now have an alternate script.
    Anal Machinery on BDSM basement
  • Added Non-Con filter button to the pause menu.
    BDSM events now have triple chance of getting influenced by what was picked.
    Fixed bug where Angie would appear on days where she’s off.
    Fixed bug where talking to Keith too early would give a NULL textbox.
    Fixed error where the sub would have more open slots than dom.
    Adjusted textbox text fitting
    Added new sprites for alley oral.
    Added icons to the save file buttons.
    Buttons now have their icons shrink with their frame
  • -Added the following Portraits to the game Scripts:
    Lily: Think, Oral, Ooh, Calm, Annoyed, Angry, Amazed, Horny2.
    Angie: Think, Smug, Sad, Ooh, Huh, Horny1, Happy, Confused, Annoyed
    Lucy: Smug, Sad, Pout, Horny1, Confused, Annoyed, Annoyed1, Angry.
    Hayley: Shaded Neutral, AnnoyedS, Annoyed2S, AngryS
  • Added Portrait Data and edited the following scripts:
    AfterOrgy, AlanaMeet, AlanaMeet1, Alcohol, AnalTrainingMeet, AngieChatAlley1, AngieChatAlley1r1, AngieConversation1, AngieEndOfAct1, AngieEndOfAct1NoAffection,AngieMeet, AnimeQuest10, AnimeQuest11, AnimeQuestFail, AnimeQuestFail2, AnimeQuestTower1, BDSMFloor3Desk, Black Candles, CumDumpster, EndOfContent, ExamineDoor1, ExamineDrinks, ExaminePillowPrincess, ExaminePlant, ExamineStatue, FirstTimeLateNight, FlierFinish, fliers0, fliers1 fliers2, fliers3, fliers4, fliers5, FlyOnDream, GirlsOrgy1, GirlsOrgyB6, HayleyEndOfAct1, HayleyMeet, InsideMansion2\_1, InsideMansion2\_2
    InsideMansion2\_4, InsideMansion2\_5, InsideMansion2\_cum, InsideMansion3, intro1, intro1b, intro2, intro3, intro5, intro6, LewdityHint1, LewdityHint2, LilyCamgirl, LilyCamgirl2, Lucy_Bedroom1, Lucy_Bedroom2, LucyBedroomPhone, LucyBedroomPhone2, LucyConversation1, LucyConversation3, LucyEndOfAct1, LucyMassage, LucyxRoxieBedroom1, LucyxRoxieSpreading, LupeGossip, LupeHelp, LupeHelp2, LupeHelp2r2, LupeHelp2r3, MaidJob2, MaidJob3, NewAlley, OllieConversation, Orgy2, OrgyReject, OrgyReject3, Pegging, prostitution\_enter, prostitution1, prostitution3, prostitution4, PublicSexTutorial, RejectBDSM, RestTooLate, SignwaverFailsave, StripperExtra, StripperStart, TutorialEnd, TutorialEnd2, TutorialEnd3, AnimeQuest 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 14, 15.
  • Edited or added the sound pool data of the following sprites:
    LilyRidingFemdom 1, 2, and 3.
    Hooker Oral 2, 3

Developer Notes:

The game features funny dialogue, sexy animations, amusing visual gags, and Sexual Content: Major: Sluttification, Skimpy Clothing, Prostitution. Minor: BDSM, Lesbianism, Drunk Sex, Princess, Vampire, Bimbo, Nerd, Gloryhole.

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