Bunnygirl Succubus [v0.1.8.0] By Snekbites

Snekbites Games released a new game called Bunnygirl Succubus and the version is The game’s story is about Bunnygirl Succubus is an RPG simulation adventure game about a Bunnygirl named Lily, who mysteriously becomes a succubus, and must travel to the city of Aphrodisia to learn about her powers.​

Developer: Snekbites
File Size: 280.7 MB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added SFXs to **30+** sprites
  • Added **12** Portraits.
  • Edited **25** dialogues
  • Added **7** new texts
  • One text is the introduction of Amelia in the Pillow Princess
  • One text is the introduction to Cait in the Tower.
  • Added tutorial for the meal system.
  • Added SupportAudio System
  • Fixed error where Luss Street 1 had Mansion Entrance as it’s location name.
  • Added savedata for Girls’ Orgy and Princess.
  • Modified BDSM Mansion Entrance
  • Also fixed bug where wrong sprite would be in the mansion entrance before getting the BDSM outfit
  • BDSM Kitchen will now have the correct BGM
  • Fixed bug where mood could be below 0.
  • Rent reduced from Maid job buffed from 100 to 120.
  • Removed debuff when working on a same job twice and nerfed mood decrease from 7/10 to 5.
  • Revamped Meals, now they (temporarily) give energy and mood, and their effects are increased when you first eat a meal that day.
  • Balanced meals to modify mood and energy, and no health stat, since it doesn’t exist in the Act 1 demo.
  • Cait’s Tower is now locked until you talk to Lucy inside the mansion
  • Added new BGM
  • Added new sexy BGM to the following scenes:
  • Girls Orgy
  • Mansion Entrance will now have a crowd IF you’ve advanced Lucy’s questline far enough.
  • Increased Size of Crowds on most streets
  • Added a crowd to Luss Street 1
  • Fixed porn studio background

Developer Notes:

The game features funny dialogue, sexy animations, amusing visual gags, and Sexual Content: Major: Sluttification, Skimpy Clothing, Prostitution. Minor: BDSM, Lesbianism, Drunk Sex, Princess, Vampire, Bimbo, Nerd, Gloryhole.

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