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Download the complete game file of CataclyZm 100% free. Developer Team released a game called CataclyZm on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Developer: AmorousDezign
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows, Android

Game Storyline

The world of Cataclyzm is the result of a mysterious cataclysmic event that has merged two different worlds into one. The inhabitants consist of Humans and Beasts, which are humanoid animals (Furry). You take on the role of a wannabe hero called Miles, an orphan boy who is raised at the village church by a busty and voluptuous nun.

Great adventure and destiny await you in the vast world of Cataclyzm, where you have to battle wild beasts, meet sexy women and make hard decisions. The game is a work in progress and your support will help me deliver more content and regular updates.​

Version Changelog


New Features:

  • Starting the game on “I’m here for the sex” mode now gives you 100 relationship points with the women.
  • Nixie added to Campfire scene
  • New Item Category “Cards” added to the items menu (Please forgive me)
  • Changes to Kaali’s Interactions (Now you can gift her different spears and earn different outcomes – Spear of Destiny and Spear of the Lionheart are WIP)
  • Flirting options with Kaali have been removed – Kaali’s CGs will be unlocked as her story develops.
  • Sleeping alone may trigger CG scenes with Nixie or Kaali depending on your Lust and relationship level.
  • Random weather effects in the Arbor.
  • Some NPCs and pets don’t come out under the rain in Arbor.
  • You can now ask for a room to spend the night at Inns and brothels.

New Items:

  • Nallaria Priestess Card – found behind a painting in Father Fox’s attic room.
  • Skeleton Warrior Card – found in Ancient Crypt in the swamps (2 Cards)
  • Skeleton King Card – received after defeating the skeleton king in the cursed castle
  • Agnes Card – received after finding the second piece of Cecilia’s Armor for Agnes.
  • Kaali Card – received after defeating Kaali in the Lion’s Den.
  • Direwolf Card – found in the Direwolf’s lair in the mountains.
  • Foot soldier Card – found in the Armory in the cursed castle.
  • Foot soldier Card – found in the tent in the forest campsite where you go with Lydia.
  • Lala x Grimm Ending Portrait
  • Blue Stingbutts (Poisonous Flowers found in the desert)
  • Brainshrooms (Poisonous mushrooms found in caves)
  • Posion (Can be brewed after taking Kaylee’s evil route)

Game Images

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Extras: Official Walkthrough v0.25 – Save Files

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