Churn Vector [Patch 1807e40f] By Naelstrof

Naelstrof Games released a new game called Churn Vector and the version is Patch 1807e40f. The game’s story is about Churn Vector is a single-player stealth action game, where instead of eliminating targets with a gun, you eliminate them with your cock! Accidentally get caught? Store your mistake in the balls. Physics simulated hefty balls, too many mistakes will drag you down! Use various environmental stations to reduce your load. Take on challenging contracts from characters trying to get vored discretely.​

Developer: Naelstrof
File Size: 782.7 MB
Version: Patch 1807e40f
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details


  • Patch 1807e40f
  • Modding support and Steam Workshop integration
  • Replaced Penetration Tech with DPG, for ease of modding.
  • Cop animation polish, they can aim, walk, and shoot without sliding around as much.
  • Cops now properly predict your movement and clearly display where they’re thinking of shooting.
  • Replaced Shapes addon with regular images.
  • Level selection now has categories, allowing users to organize their levels.
  • Fixed bug where player’s balls unintentionally started at 1.5x its intended scale.
  • Fixed bug where NPCs couldn’t detect you when using a need station.
  • Feathered NPCs vision at the edges, now that they’re much less distracted by need stations.
  • New NPC, the maroon dragon.
  • Corrected Archival’s name from “Archical” in the credits.
  • Lots of small map adjustments
  • Many small bug fixes, many added bugs.

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