Cockham Superheroes [v0.6.1] By EpicLust

EpicLust Games released a new game called Cockham Superheroes and the version is 0.6.1. The game’s story is about You playing as a young, muscle-bound, horse-hung superhero who recently joined the Cockham League of Justice in charge of fighting sex crime in the pervert-infested city. Will you use your Super-Powers to bring notorious Super-Villains to justice or will you let the temptation of Evil overtake you and become a Super-Villain yourself?

Developer: EpicLust
File Size: 2.66 GB
Version: 0.6.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 2 new gym scenes with She-Hulk available, visit her to trigger (FMG).
  • SEX scene with the Black Widow and Natalya in her room at night (THREESOME). Allows for the BW to join harem.
  • TWO new SEX cenes with Wonder Woman in her room at night. One repeatable, allows for her to join harem. (TITFUCK, ANAL)
  • New Harem Girls screen and Agent Natalya added to dossier (available from Stats screen).
  • All v05 upwards slow vids redone to 60fps.


  • Major SEX scene with Captain MILF in her room at night (TITJOB, FOOTJOB, ANAL).
  • SEX scene with Excella Gionne (go to mafia loc to launch).
  • New sexy scene with Audit Girl in the gym.
  • Continuation of Lois Pane BDSM training in her flat (VAGINAL).
  • New SEX scene with She-Hulk after fucking Emma Frost in her office (if she has escaped).
  • Some more voice acting available (CMilf yoga, Lara Temple, Twister with WW, Harley sex, PGirl yoga).


  • Mission05 implemented. Talk to the Black Widow in her room, then to Captain MILF in the Hall to launch (SEX with Robots, LESBIAN SEX between Lara and Natasha).
  • Cucking SEX Scene with Lois and Superman at Cockham Planet HQ (Lois can now become a Harem girl).
  • Handjob scene with Ada Wang Redux available at the Triad location.
  • Sex scene available with Emma Frost at Frost Towers during the day.
  • Agent Natalya added to gallery w/ animations.
  • Can now jump to Game Level02 after the intro.

Developer Notes:

the INTRO version of my new game “Cockham Superheroes

Game Images & Screenshots

Update Only (v0.6 -> v0.6.1 Patched): GOFILE – MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN – YOURFILESTORE


Extras: Gallery Unlocker – Incest/Gallery Unlocker

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