Corrupting the Universe [v3.6] By Strange Girl, CorruptionStudio

Strange Girl, CorruptionStudio Games released a new game called Corrupting the Universe and the version is 3.6. The game’s story is about Corrupting the Universe is an immersive fantasy supernatural RPG with adult themes. You start the game as a boy whose dream is to become an adventurer in a world full of weird and powerful monsters and girls. The problem begins after he realizes that he can’t level up no matter how many monsters he kills will he give up on his dream or keep fighting? Choose for yourself and see what will happen.​

Developer: Strange Girl, CorruptionStudio
File Size: 496.0 MB
Version: 3.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Developer Notes:

Corrupting the Universe is designed and developed by CorruptionStudio, a German artist who has always had a passion for games. This is their first project but it was no less underdeveloped in terms of design and quality. Strange Girl Studios served as an advisor regarding the development of the game and has now taken the role of publisher.

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