Course of Temptation [v0.4.26] Anthaum

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Game Details

Developer: Anthaum
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Game Storyline

Course of Temptation is a detailed adult college life simulator. It’s text-based and runs right in your browser. Featuring a detailed simulation with hundreds of possible events and erotic scenes, you can explore your exhibitionist, voyeuristic, and debauched fantasies through your character. Play as male or female (with transgender options) or non-binary.​

Version Changelog


  • The gender of professors is now indicated during character generation (contributed by drakon)
  • Phone UI revised (contributed by drakon)
  • More information about who you’re making a bet with in the Arcade (contributed by FastKoolUnwind)
  • Your phone reminders now include your current dare from the roommate’s partner (contributed by FastKoolUnwind)
  • UI pass on the People dialog and left panel (contributed by drakon)
  • A new laundry room scene
  • A bit more reactivity to being “messy” in some places
  • Tattoos can now have a (generally minor) effect on perceived style
  • You can now get the quad party invite event on campus, outside of your residence hall, to reduce the chances it’ll fire late
  • New sex act targeting butt-havers for those with a butt-fetishizing inclination and high Disinhibition
  • New world generation option: Traditional Sports Team Genders. You can uncheck this if you dislike the game’s tendency to create all-male football teams and all-female cheerleading teams
  • You now always learn the names of your teammates in pre-practice socializing
  • You can now pet the campus cats as well as dogs people are walking in town
  • Somewhat reduced days/shifts worked requirement for QuickieBurger promotions
  • UI pass on world generation options screen (contributed by drakon)
  • You can now directly ask for certain things to happen in encounters and NPCs will generally comply, depending on personality
  • You can now choose a favorite style during character generation to have a different outfit at game start
  • Every new character will now start with basic swimwear
  • Added a little yoga exercise event set to the gym
  • Thrift shop UI updated to be consistent with the new shop UI from the March update (contributed by drakon)
  • Added some of your clothing suggestions
  • You can now stow your bike outside your residence hall if you’d prefer to walk (but you don’t need to lock it up, it’s just an option)
  • Your homework grade now partly depends on passing a skillcheck relevant to the class (generally fairly easy, but this helps set the stage for one day advancing in year and taking harder classes)
  • Fixed a bug that’s been in since release(!) making homework significantly easier than intended
  • Added a couple dominant actions to certain positions for encounters (contributed by Falc)
  • Added some more opportunities for rumors about you to spread both on campus and in town
  • Added some more events for high reputations of various types
  • The streaming platforms now offer a little bit of merch. You might even get some comments!
  • Added a couple new decision points to esports game events
  • Added a new recurring practice event for successful esports teams
  • Added a couple minor “distractions” during swim meets
  • A brand new dare from the roommate’s partner! (contributed by Meat Glacier)
  • You can now choose to abort any ongoing encounter. Note that, naturally, this tends to make partners unhappy!
  • Changes to your cash balance in the current passage are now shown in the left panel
  • NPC attraction can no longer be completely disabled by the turnon/turnoff system, instead at worst just making them more difficult to pursue — this should keep things more consistent (for example, solving the fluctuation in the number of football players you need to pursue)
  • That one laundry event revised again, giving you even more control over the outcome
  • Fixed an issue that was making it difficult to recognize the bus tour NPCs later in the game
  • Many small fixes and tweaks

Game Images

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