Criminal Border [Part 2] By Purple Software

Purple Software Games released a new game called Criminal Border and the version is Part 2. The game’s story is about Unfairly saddled with crippling debt after the events of Part I, Itsuki Ninomae and the gang turn to fellow student and daughter of a crime lord Kotoko Teshigawara for help. An intertwined web of loyalties and desire awaits as Itsuki, Kotoko and the others fight for justice.

Developer: Purple Software
File Size: 5.46 GB
Version: Part 2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

A student in the grade above our protagonist at the same school, and the heroine of Part II.
Her father the boss of a crime syndicate, Kotoko still has a sense of what is just and right.
With Itsuki and the gang in twenty million yen of debt, she hopes to be of at least some use to them, having herself given permission for their business.
Thanks to rumors about the daughter of a crime lord attending the school, Kotoko spends a lot of time alone, without anyone she can truly call a friend.
Unfamiliar with romance, she puts on a brave front when the topics arises despite her internal unrest.
She likes stationery and accessories with panda designs on.

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