Crossdressing in Camelot [v0.47] By Stickyicky

Stickyicky Games released a new game called Crossdressing in Camelot and the version is 0.47. The game’s story is about Crossdressing in Camelot is an adventure RPG, with transformation elements focusing on feminization. You play as a young man who wishes to become an adventurer but ends up doing so in a rather unique way. The main idea behind the transformation in this game is that the more the player transforms themselves, the stronger they become. The difficulty will be made to try and force you into feminizing yourself somewhat, while still making it possible to get through the game with very minimal changes if that is your goal. There is a variety of content though, and the player isn’t always forced into the submissive role (though the game leans more towards that).​

Developer: Stickyicky
File Size: 761 MB
Version: 0.47
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.47

The update is about 20 000 words. Which is certainly part of why it took so long to finish. The other big thing is that unlike many past updates, the vast majority of the content is fully set up, without placeholder events. One is kind of a placeholder, but only because you are supposed to encounter a character for a second time significantly deeper into the dungeon, and there is only so much dungeon available right now, so instead you can just do the follow up scene right after. And another is a placeholder because I could feel my sanity slipping and I couldn’t possibly bear to delay this update any longer to fully set it up.

Instructions For Porting Saves:

Much like patching, porting over savesbasically just requires you to move your save folder from your current version of the game into the new version, merging the folders and overwriting them if you are asked to do so.Be sure you move the entire folder, or at least also move the “global.rpgsave”file, as that is required to use the old save files.If you are using an html5 version, you’ll instead need your game to be in the exact same location and have the same name as your prior version.

So if you had the game folder “CiC Anime” on your desktop, you have to put the new version on your desktop and rename it to “CiC Anime” as well. You’ll need to change the old folders name first for it to let you do this, or at least that’s how it works on windows. You may want to create a copy of your current folder before doing this just in case something goes wrong, to ensure you’re saves are backed up, but there shouldn’t be any issues.

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Patches: Old Save Compatibility Patch – Update Patches (v0.45.5 & v0.45.6)

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