Cultural Replay: A Culture Shock Fanwork [v0.30] By Palos69

Palos69 Games released a new game called Cultural Replay: A Culture Shock Fanwork and the version is 0.30. The game’s story is about You are a young man who has just moved to Hawaii with his beautiful mother and sister. Beaches. Babes. What more could a guy ask for? Juggle multiple relationships. Or watch as other men steal your prospects and loved ones away. More Information

Developer: Palos69
File Size: 931.8 MB
Version: 0.30
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Notable changes to Day 7 and 8:
    Day7+8 – Removed trivia game – passing and failing school will now be based on a player study choice.
    Day7 – Removed ability to skip school that day. Verified that choice has no effect on the rest of the game.
    Day7 – Started shrinking Clarissa and Kate’s role as they stop showing up after day 10.
    Day7 – Temporarily removed the Dr. Rai choice. This will most likely be re-added once I have a better sense of what her character is meant for.
    Day7 – Made getting Emma’s number automatic on all routes. It’s clear she’s intended as a main girl.
    Day7 – Removed little mermaid sister scene choice because it had no characterization and no purpose.
    Day7 – Temporarily removed mom/sis morning wood scenes. Will save the renders for a future scene that is more relevant and when their relationships properly progresses.

    Day7 – Lucas ghosting Mom scene has been rewritten so you can take her on a date on Day 8.
    Day8 – Added sister relationship trigger check before school.
    Day8 – Added sister snuggle trigger check at night if Mom is not taken on date.
    Day8 – Cut all but Karla’s class from Day 8. The teacher’s explained the pop quiz structure as weekly, but you get an additional quiz on the day right after. These cut class scenes will be moved to the following week.
    Day8 – If Mom slept with Lucas, MC can take her on a date and sleep with her.

  • Favorite removed lines this update:
    – Day8 – In the MC and Mom sex scene, the MC says “And away we go.” as he thrusts into her for the first time. Later she’s described with, “she was so wet that she could fill a jug.”
  • Community suggested changes:
    Added a Walkthrough toggle (called Guide) in the Preferences screen. Reveals immediate point gains or losses, and gives hints to some events. It doesn’t tell everything because some of the results of a choice may vary depending on game logic. Just a gentle reminder, but this is a visual “novel”, just because something doesn’t have a stat change, doesn’t make it less valuable of a choice. I try to put crumbs of information or character interaction in all choices.
    Added line to intro informing players NTR is disabled by default and must be enabled.
    Removed “BETA” requirement to see Mom/Lucas aftermath scene and modified dialogue. It caused some weird route pathing. Now that scene needs to be avoided manually on Day 2. Expanded aftermath and eavesdrop dialogue to account for the removal of the “BETA requirement was added.
    Day6 – Made internal thoughts about asking for Karla’s number status specific.
  • Fixes:
    Removed unneeded static variables from persistence save files.
    Removed unused renders to make the file smaller.
    Fixed age discrepancy from legacy menu values.
    Started removing unused girls from the stat menu.
    Day2 – Fixed beta dialogue in the shower from showing in other routes.
    Day2 – Fixed incorrect name assignment for Sophie conversation.
    Day2 – Fixed a scenario where someone on the beta path could skip the Lucas bar scene if stepmom_love wasn’t high enough.
    Day5 – Fixed a typo on a text variable that was causing an exception.
    Day6 – Added a missing condition for a line in Karla scene that acted as if sis and MC were dating.
  • Changes to previously released days:
    Day6 – Aunt Lisa blowjob scene was made more responsive to status.

Developer Notes:

This is a fan rewrite that I am using to learn the Renpy framework and best practices. I am hoping it revitalizes interest in the original game. I am not associated with the original creator or game in any way.

It started as an effort to fix the grammatical and continuity errors, but some other fans encouraged me to expand and share my work. I was posting my updates in the original thread, but after talking with several other users and the mods, it was decided that it should have its own thread.

I also won’t implement an ending until the original game is finished or abandoned to prevent loss of income to King of lust.

Feel free to share feedback, report bugs, or even suggest scenes or story changes. Be aware that I am limited by the original renders and fanart.

Game Images & Screenshots


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