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Game Srory Line

Cum Vampire is a story driven low fantasy medieval game, in which you bully some gloomy girl in your class for being a futa (you’re a bigot) and wouldn’t you know it, she’s a freaking witch! Now that she’s cursed you to live off of futa jizz, you must whore yourself out to survive. An ever escalating thirst forces you to eventually feed on dozens of girlcocks a day to survive. Better brush up on those dating and throating skills~​

Version Changelog

v0.11 Prototype:

  • Updated Violet sprite! Expressions attached!
  • There’s a new tavern opened up!
  • A very frustrated writer is struggling with her manuscript in there. Maybe you can help her unwind~
  • Cum, time, and money mechanics added. WHOOOHOO!
  • You can now enter your own name. I know. Technological leap!
  • A drunkard is eyeing you up. Surely you make her happy in a later release.
  • Most bugs fixed.

Game Images

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