Daring Detectives – A New Life [v0.84] By Ashley Rata jkowsky

Ashley Rata jkowsky Games released a new game called Daring Detectives – A New Lifeand the version is 0.84. The game’s story is about In this new game from Ashley Ratajkowsky you can take the role of 4 different main characters, 2 males and 2 females, facing the hard trials to be a Daring Detective in New York City… A choice-based high-level graphics visual novel in which you will develop your characters’ profiles (Investigation, Love, Action, and Lust) in order to solve quests, punish crimes and face your daily loving/sexual life, unlocking new scenes and different endings.​

Developer: Ashley Rata jkowsky
File Size: 869.9 MB
Version: 0.84
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

a new ending unlocked for Daphne

Developer Notes:

So I’m very excited to say that today I will launch the first release of my new game: Daring Detectives! A new life!!!! In the last two years you supported me, and I learned and improved and so on… This is quite obvious, if you play the beginning of my earliest games: Graphics and Mechanics grow during the games, and they become much better in the most recent parts of them… Because, thanks to your help, I was growing and learning… But now I’m very proud of giving you a good quality game, since the first images. Don’t worry, I won’t abandon my previous games, and in the moment I’m writing, new images for Dominate Them All are rendering. I will give you a new release in a couple of week! But now… Let me do the last things, and I will launch DARING DETECTIVES!!! Really hope you’ll like it, and its new characters!!!

Game Images & Screenshots


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