Debasing Grounds [v0.32] Rax Lorax

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Game Details

Developer: Rax Lorax
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Game Storyline

The world has been transformed into a wasteland, with only a few scattered settlements remaining as a testament to the resilience of humanity. You find yourself awakening in a town fortified by a practical wall of mud and metal bars.

In Debasing Grounds, your primary goal is to survive in this harsh environment, where danger and uncertainty are constant companions. The town is divided into factions that vie for control: the administration, which caters to the whims of a handful of powerful corporations; the town’s influential characters, who work together to maintain order amidst the turmoil; and the gangs that struggle for dominance in the southern part of the town.

As a fully customizable character, you are faced with the challenge of navigating this treacherous landscape. Interact with the residents, form alliances, and make difficult choices that will shape your destiny and the future of the town itself. In this unforgiving post-apocalyptic world, you must find a way to rise above the darkness and carve out a place for yourself amidst the chaos.

The path you choose is yours alone in Debasing Grounds. Will you become a beacon of hope, another victim lost to the world, or will you just seek more and more power to try to dominate others?

Debasing Grounds contains graphic and dark material that can be unsettling or triggering to some people. The game contains descriptions of non-consensual sex, bondage, sexual humiliation and physical abuse. You must be 18 or older to play this game.

Version Changelog


Gym content block:

  • Players can now get a one-time free 24-hour gym pass (replaces pretending to be a plumber).
  • Players can now purchase 24 hour and 30 day gym passes.
  • Players can now train without Holger’s help if they have their own gym pass.
  • Players who have agreed to train with Holger will lose their free pass if they refuse his “help” when he’s around.
  • The chance that Holger will respect players during training is now based on a training skill check instead of a hard limit.
  • Training now also increases fighting.
  • Training with Holger increases lifting and fighting significantly more than when players train on their own.
  • Players can now leave the after scenes with Holger if they pass a Gym Status skill check.
  • Players can now fight or beg to avoid punishment when defying Holger.
  • Players can now act eager/submissive/stoic/defiant to the Gym’s punishments, and have their resistance broken if they fail a Lust/Pain… check.
  • Holger can help remove gags and handcuffs for a blowjob in front of the gym-goers.
  • Some lockers can now be unlocked with a lockpick, more items to steal
  • New scenes when players are caught stealing from locker rooms
  • Showering in the gym now has a chance of being joined by a group of gym-goers.
  • Holger will now put characters in chastity after submission>30 instead of as a punishment.
  • Holger will now put a collar on characters with Submission>50.
  • Holger will punish players for removing their chastity devices or collars.
  • At Submission >80, players will be tied up in the gym and must ask Holger for permission to leave (he will ask orally).
  • At Submission >80 players will be given a mat to sleep on in the locker room, where the players will be used by the gym-goers.
  • Players can now be approached by NPCs in the gym.
  • When flirting in the gym, there’s a new option to go to the locker room together. NPCs will now also suggest going there.
  • Players can do cardio to increase Evasion.

Game Images

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Extra: Online Version

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