Debasing Grounds [v0.35] By Rax Lorax

Rax Lorax Games released a new game called Debasing Grounds and the version is 0.35. The game’s story is about The world has been transformed into a wasteland, with only a few scattered settlements remaining as a testament to the resilience of humanity. You find yourself awakening in a town fortified by a practical wall of mud and metal bars.

Developer: Rax Lorax
File Size: 1.5 MB
Version: 0.35
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Debasing Grounds v0.34 “Pet-play fetish, Morgan’s manor and NPC gender” Update:
  • Pet-play fetish content:
  • Pet-play fetishes (self, others) available at character creation
  • Some NPCs now have pet-play fetishes: Lolo, Timea, Yanda, Fatima, Yendo, Annah, Harley, Natalie, Quinn, Willow, Storm (self) and Avi, Anna, Holger, Magnus, Ted, Tavish, Morgan and Samya (others)
  • New pet play items: dog collar, dog ears, cat ears, pony mask, pet crawler (elbows, knees), harness, pony hoof heels
  • New pet-play sex toys: dog, cat, pony, fox, bunny tail buttplugs
  • NPCs with pet play fetishes (to others) will try to perform pet play actions on players during sex.
  • New Petplay Actions: Collar, Crawl, Hand Feed, Tail Plug, Stroke, Wear Ears
  • Commanding/following petplay actions with an NPC with a complementary petplay fetish will increase their trust.
  • Players tied to Holger will be subjected to petplay actions: pet bondage, walking, drinking from a bowl, barking/meowing, and others.
  • New training scenes in the gym when the player is in pet play bondage gear
  • With 100% submission to Holger, players will not be able to refuse training or ask to leave the gym.
  • Wearing petplay gear in public will have NPCs use specific derogatory terms for the player
  • NPCs can have their petplay fetish increase by having them perform petplay actions
  • Morgan’s manor:
  • New location: Morgan’s Manor (6 East Street)
  • New way to make money at Morgan’s manor
  • New NPCs: Morgan, Quinn, Willow, Storm (Town faction)
  • New pony play quest at Morgan’s manor that can be completed as sub or dom
  • New scenes (Quinn vs player competition) at Morgan’s manor
  • New dominant pony training quests, gameplay and scenes if initial scene is completed as dominant
  • New quest recruiting NPCs as work animals
  • New submissive petplay gameplay, quest and scenes if initial quest is completed as submissive or approach Morgan’s manor in bondage/petplay gear
  • Players can earn town reputation as a pony trainer
  • Other:
  • The gender of some NPCs can be selected at the start of the game (the list will be expanded gradually)
  • Wearing bondage gear in public will have NPCs use specific derogatory terms for the player
  • New accessories for elbows and knees
  • Wearing butt plugs now triggers anal training fetish
  • pebecca now lives in an apartment at 6 East Passage
  • NPCs will now remove butt plugs before having anal sex with the player
  • Players can now beg/demand being released from bondage after a hook up
  • New ‘whimper submissively’ option when having sex with NPCs the player is submissive to.
  • Whipping and spanking NPCs will make the player tired
  • there are now different levels of whipping severity
  • Lust and submission of NPCs to acts such as spanking and whipping can only rise as high as their fetish level for those acts
  • NPCs can have their whipping fetish increase by introducing them progressively to whipping
  • NPC details can now be accessed directly from the NPC card
  • NPC fetishes will be visible on the details page as soon as they are revealed
  • The speed of submission and fetish increase in gym scenes has been increased
  • pPlayers can now gesture to NPCs when they are gagged to ask for help with their restraints
  • Players can now ask NPCs to untie them after sex
  • Reduced the difficulty of ‘Coercion’ skill checks

Developer Notes:

Future development

The development of Debasing Grounds is on-going, with several updates and features planned. Here’s an outline of the areas that will continue to be developed in future updates:

  • New quests and storylines: Expanding the narrative with additional plotlines and side quests, providing players with more content and opportunities for exploration.
  • Character development system: Introducing a more comprehensive skill tree, abilities, and character customization options to allow for deeper role-playing and strategy.
  • Expanded faction system: Introducing new factions and deepening the relationships between existing factions, with dynamic interactions, reputations, and consequences based on player choices.
  • Crafting and trading system: Implementing a crafting system for players to create and customize items, along with a trading system to buy, sell, and barter with NPCs.
  • Dynamic world events: Integrating random events and encounters that occur throughout the game world, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement.
  • Enhanced AI and dialogue: Improving the artificial intelligence of NPCs and offering more complex, branching dialogue options for deeper interaction and immersion.
  • New locations and environments: Adding new areas to explore, each with its unique challenges, resources, and inhabitants.
  • Multiplayer features: Exploring the possibility of adding cooperative or competitive multiplayer elements to the game, allowing players to interact with each other in the game world.

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Extra: Online Version

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