Degrees of Lewdity [v0.4.6.0] By Vrelnir

Vrelnir Games released a new game called Degrees of Lewdity and the version is The game’s story is about You play as a young student living at an orphanage. You must make some quick cash to keep living at the orphanage or bad things happen. *Most fetishes are optional.

Developer: Vrelnir
File Size: 22.0 MB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • Added more scenes for “Avery School Pickup” when Robin is present, written by Burnt Toast and coded by P_Ruby.
    Added a scene for the weekend after taking on Robin’s debt, written by Shysta and Catwillow, coded by P_Ruby.
    The PC will no longer cover themselves in embarrassment where being underdressed is contextually appropriate, such as when wearing swimwear at the pool. Thanks to Akoz.
    Improved code to ensure all sex encounters with Robin, Alex, Sydney and the Great Hawk have no chance of becoming nonconsensual midway through. Thanks to Crimson Tide.
    Animated mascara makeup so that it no longer appears above and separate from the PC’s eyelids when blinking. Thanks to OceanSpray.
    Added an alternative method of escaping the farm, found by breaking the farm cell gate, or stealing the keys from the morning farmhand. Coded by Tanny78 and written by YetAnotherUser.
    The PC can now explore Remy’s farm after escaping the cell at night. Coded by Tanny78 and written by YetAnotherUser.
    Added two revealing variants of holy outfits to the forest shop, locked behind reaching the rank of nun or monk. Includes the sexy priest’s vestments and sexy nun’s habit, veil, stockings, and gloves. Sprites by Avur and Beta. Coded by Avur and Beta.
    Added initial lines for generic NPC’s and support for Named NPCs in the future. Written by Kinky_one, with edits by Kirsty, and code by Lollipop Scythe.
    Added a general indication of body part sensitivity to the Characteristics overlay.
    Made a couple of exhibitionism checks inform the PC why the option is unavailable if the PC does not meet the requirements. Thanks to Jimmy.
    Added a section for Alex in the cottage to conclude farm work. Thanks to Jimmy.
    Added an event for the school antechamber vending machine. Thanks to Jimmy.
    Added the Raul and Janet and Pinch books to the scene viewer. Thanks to KnotLikeThis.
    Added the Eden, Wraith, Harper and Great Hawk nightmares to the scene viewer. Thanks to KnotLikeThis.Added the ability to check for the janitor before leaving the school gloryhole, after being caught once. Written by WildUntammedFluffy and coded by mintlflavoured.
    Adjusted the chances of being caught by the janitor. Thanks to mintlflavoured.
    Kylar can now sit in the library if jealousy is high and/or Sydney’s love is high. Written by Void and coded by Jimmy.
    Adapted Sydney’s Leighton punishment scene to include references to Kylar. Written by Juniaki and coded by Jimmy.
    Added a new scene when relaxing with the black wolf with high love/harmony/ferocity. Thanks to BigBadBear.
    Added a new scen to sleepin in the wolf cave, at high black wolf love. Thanks to BigBadBear.
    Added the black wolf’s love to the cheat menu. Thanks to BigBadBear.
    Added a giant oyster vore scene to the sea and beach cave diving entrance. Written by Uchiki and coded by Tanny78.
    The temple grace bar is now green instead of red, and turns gold with a silver glow when maxed. Thanks to Akoz.
    Added cum-dump facial ejaculation paragraphs. Thanks to Jimmy.
    Sperm sources that lead to mpreg without penetration should now be recorded. Thanks to Twig.
    Added lines acknowledging chastity during NPC orgasm at gloryholes. Thanks to Twig.
    Added a rooftop to the school. Whitney hangs out there at lunch, once they’ve been met elsewhere.
    Thanks to majou, Ybyx, Xao, Tanny78, Jimmy and Kirsty for code improvements.
  • Thanks to Kirsty for the following additions and improvements:
    Added a locker at school, which can be used to store a bookbag or other handheld item for easy retrieval.
    The PC can now choose to go directly to history class, directly to the library, or stay in the canteen after finishing lunch.
    The PC can now sleep in classes, if they are tired enough. Scenes written by WildUntamedFluffy, code and additional writing by Kirsty.
    Added variations to the lunch scene where the player can intervene when Robin is bullied. Written by Aurora.
    During winter, Avery may pick up the PC after school to take them to the pub for mulled wine. Written by Catwillow, Shysta, and Juniaki.
    Added the durag and bandanna to the clothing shop. Thanks to Uchiki.
    Shrunk the baseball cap so it better fits the player’s head. Thanks to MinerDX. Colour adjustments by Kirsty.
    Shrunk the cat hat so it better fits the player’s head. Added a variant style to the cat hat, thanks to MinerDX. Colour and sprite adjustments by Kirsty.
    The love locket now has a new UI at the mirror screen that includes sprites and icons by Kuma, with colour variant sprites by Kirsty.
    Added a new alleyway scene for Whitney that may occur at high trauma. Thanks to LenoxVentrue.
    The love locket sprite has been adjusted, thanks to Beta, and is now available in gold, silver, and bronze. There is a new UI for the love locket’s mirror screen that includes sprites and icons by Kuma, colour variant sprites by Kirsty. (I want to point out that since there’s three colour variant sprites for the locket, folks can replace the three locket_photo_colour.png images to add three different photos of their choice, but I don’t know how to word that and maybe it’s best to just let them figure it out themselves?)
    Briar will now remind you to restock your vending machine if you try to collect money when your machine’s been empty for more than two weeks
    Made the leather jackets, leather dress, and leather gloves recolourable. Leather jackets can now also be zipped. Sprites by Beta and Kirsty.
    Added handheld props to scenes where the player drinks, including a beer bottle, wine glass, shot glass, and beer mug. Sprites by Beta.
    Added the cropped leather jacket, leather crop top, leather top, leather pants, leather miniskirt, and leather shorts to the shop. Thanks to Beta.
    Cleaned up the tights sprite. Thanks to Beta.
    Added the messy ponytail sides. Thanks to Beta.
    Added the sleek sides and fringe hairstyle and bedhead hairstyle. Thanks to Hyomi.
    Revamped the cocoon sprite. Thanks to Mochi.
    Overhauled the cleavage sprites. Thanks to Koko.
    The player can now continue chatting with Whitney after sharing a smoke.
    Added the camisole, newsboy cap, puffy shorts, bloomers, sarong, bunny-tie bikini top, and leather leggings to the clothing shop. Thanks to Beta.
    Added the heart sunglasses to the clothing shop, which can be worn on the face or pushed up on the head. Thanks to Beta.
    Added the denim panties and denim thong to the clothing and adult shops. Thanks to Mono.
    Added an oversized button-down sleep shirt, button-down shirt, and masculine formalwear, including four variants on waistcoats, suit trousers, and a shirt with blazer, to the clothing shop. Sprites by KG.
    Improved the dress shirt sprite, including a half-buttoned alternate style. Thanks to KG.
    Added the visor, whistle, and life vest to the clothing shop. Thanks to Uchiki.
    Added the harem vest and harem pants to the forest shop, unlocked at the same time as the belly dancer’s clothes. Thanks to Uchiki.
    Added the long-sleeved shirt and cargo pants to the clothing shop. Thanks to Avur.
    Made the loose socks recolourable. Thanks to Avur.
    Added the latex leotard to the clothing and adult shops. Thanks to Hyomi.
    Each trait’s description now aims to clearly explain what it affects in-game.
    The “athletic” trait will now boost athletics. Its previous function, as a trait for underwear that prevented people from writing on your thighs, bottom, and pubic area, has been folded into the “covered” trait.
    Some under upper and under lower items now also have the “covered” trait, so players will no longer act as though they’re exposed when they’re fully covered by an undershirt.
    Removed the rag and event traits.
    Added a tooltip to the brothel vending machine if the player has disabled condoms in their game, explaining that their current settings mean they cannot purchase condoms for the machine.
    Converted classroom and swimming events to eventpool.
    Added a new event that can occur during swim class for players who have a transformation with a visible tail. Written by DeadMan, fox and demon variants by Kirsty.
    A swimming event that never triggered due to an incorrect outfit check can now trigger.
    Sirris will no longer usurp Doren by talking poetry or leading the class in play reenactments.
    Exporting custom settings will now properly save NPC skin colours.
    Fixed a bug that caused handheld items to be destroyed.
    Added flavour text to Robin’s picnic based on the season. Thanks to WildUntammedFluffy.
    Added a weekly event to the pub. The player can tip a local musician for trauma and stress reduction and a boost to kindness. fame, or steal from the jar. Thanks to Rain.
    Fixed an error being printed to the console with original clothing colours.
    Fixed a visual bug with shop traits.
    Fixed prettier problems in the clothing files.
    Fixed some broken images that weren’t correctly displaying.
    Added men’s garter socks, ruffled socks, mary janes, and a high-waisted skirt to the clothing shop. Thanks to Beta.
    Added the jumpsuit to the clothing shop. Thanks to Index.
    Revamped the open shoulder lolita dress and added the lolita headband, thanks to Beta. The old open shoulder lolita dress is now known as the classic lolita dress.
    Added the gym bag to the clothing shop, an icon for working as a waiter, and a handheld torch prop for when the player’s exploring the catacombs. Thanks to Beta.
    Icons with skin colours in them, such as the hitchhike, pray, body part surgery, and strip icons, will now reflect the player’s skin tone.
    Made some minor improvements to the base body sprites.
    Added clothes icons to the links when purchasing clothes at the markets.
    Added new default wings for the angel and fallen angel transformations, thanks to Mochi. The old wing sprites can still be selected in the mirror as “classic” wings.
    Made the cowboy hat recolourable.
    Fixed mixels on ruffled shoulder hair.
    Added breast sprites for the tuxedo jacket, tank top, and classy vampire jacket. Updated the tank top sprite. Thanks to Beta.
    Added the ability to wear eyepatches and monocles on the other eye, as well as the ability to push all glasses up on the head. Art courtesy of Jacko.
    Updated winter jacket sprites. Thanks to MinerDX and Beta.
    Added new handheld props to certain scenes. Sprites by Beta.
    Implemented masking images that allow some clothes to hug the PC’s body if they have the feminine or androgynous body shape. Updated many breasts as part of this change.
    Under the hood pregnant belly mask changes.
    Added breast sprites for the beatnik shirt, short ballgown, and shadbelly coat. Thanks to Beta.
    Added breast sprites for the hanfu and updated integrity images. Thanks to Hyomi.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following additions and improvements:
    Added behind the scenes time tracking for unsafe sex with named npc’s.
    Added the ear slime hallway masturbation to the school as a later alternative to just skipping class.
    Adjusted an older cafe scene to support newer features.
    Updated the character view with controls for mouth, tears, blushing, brow, handheld items, and two-tone hair styles.
    Moved the hair options in the character viewer into their own section.
    Swapped the controls for bodytype to radio controls.
    Added an indicator for the minimum value of arousal and pain.
    Wearing fettish gear now increases minimal arousal.
    Increased the min arousal hard cap from 40% to 50%.
    Adjusted the ear slime introduction for when the PC has already had an ear slime.
    Added a bed icon alternative should the PC be unable to sleep due to nudity.
    The feats My Collection of Feats and My Timeless Collection of Feats now require 50% and 95% of total earnable vrelcoins to unlock.
    Added the ability to go shopping with Whitney when either romancing them or being forced to be a crossdressing male. Locations currently including the hairdressers, clothes shopping and putting on cosmetics. Proofreading by Crimson Tide.
    The above can lead the player to not being able to wear male clothing at school if being forced to crossdress.
    Added stats for when you were last masturbated, molested, raped, penetrated, ejaculated in and passed out.
    Added stats to track how much you’ve paid Bailey or missed in Bailey payments
    The Whitney shopping event can now lead to a new Whitney rule of only using the girls changing room and swimwear. Proofreading by Kirsty.
    Added alternate chastity comment for non-chastity belts.
    Added ear slime forced crossdressing warning.
    Added Whitney combat chastity lines, proofread by Kirsty.
    Added the ear slime hallway masturbation to the school as a later alternative to just skipping class.
    Code clean up.
  • Thanks to KnotLikeThis for the following additions and improvements:
    Improved save sizes for saves that played the Raul and Janet, Pinch and Schism events.
    Improved the protection against unintended changes to player stats in Raul and Janet, Pinch, Schism and Nightmare events.
    Cleared old backup variables in old saves that were never unset properly.
    Fixed softlocks that could happen when using cheats after Raul and Janet, Pinch and Nightmare events.
    Fixed fallen angel progress not being properly restored in Raul and Janet.
    Fixed some sex toys not being properly removed in Raul and Janet and Pinch sequences.
    Small adjustments for Raul and Janet.
    Made Pinch’s name spelling consistent.
    Fixed some issues with updating timestamps from old saves. Thanks to Xao.
  • Thanks to Cutiland for the following additions and improvements:
    Alex now has specific ejaculation lines, rather sharing them with generic NPCs. Coded by Cutiland. Written by Cutiland and IndexEnthusiast.
    Added a different interaction for the party date with Avery, where a random NPC asks Avery what they do to afford such expensive parties. Written by IndexEnthusiast.
    When entering the farm around 6 and 7 a.m the PC may find out that Alex is not in the shower shed getting ready for work and decide to look for them in the cottage. Written by Avur.
    Avery now have a more detailed scene when drinking whine with PC. Written by Avur.
    Black Wolf will now bring a baby rabbit for a visible disturbed PC. Written by Charming.
    Robin may now sometimes visit PC while they’re working in the Cafe. Written by FoxgirlZoe.
    Whitney will sometimes try to bully Robin by pulling their lower clothing down in the hallways. Written by Doodle and Juniaki.
    While going in labour at the farm, Alex will call an ambulance to the player if the baby isn’t or Alex doesn’t know is their own.
  • Thanks to googlyman for the following improvements to the office:
    Added a changing room to the Office Agency Lounge with wardrobe access.
    Added functionality for an underdressed PC to sneak into the Agency Lounge from the lobby, resulting in one of two events if the PC is caught.
    Added an event where the PC can be caught either by a security guard or the office manager when sneaking into the Agency Lounge underdressed.
    Added an additional danger event to the Coffee job.
    Added a new temp job where the PC has to file documents with another temp, resulting in a variety of outcomes.
  • Balance Changes
    Some Alex events can now trigger before Alex becomes a love interest, but still after the PC unlocks the cottage as a home location. Thanks to Cutiland.
    Keeping up with the vehicle during a particular moor event is not more fatiguing. Thanks to Tanny78.
    Moved the school vending machine from the individual shcool toilets to the school antechamber. Thanks to Jimmy.
    If the PC is carrying an umbrella while a car splashes them on the road east of town, they can now raise it to shield themselves from the water. Thanks to Jimmy.
    Crotchless panties will now be handed to Leighton during inspection. Thanks to Jimmy.
    Striped panties are now seductive.
    Adjusted the black wolf’s relationship caps.
    Modified Executive job so that there are instances where the client will not demand that the PC remove an article or clothing. Thanks to googlyman.
    Minor rebalance and addition text when entering the girls changing room with high pregnancy fame with a male PC. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following balance changes:
    Minor pregnancy changes so the fetish setting and forced pregnancy still work after hitting random npc pregnancy cap.
    The players genital wetness will be increased while having the relevant ear slime focus while in heat/rut at high growth.
    Minor strengthening to one of the penis shrinking effects of the ear slime.
    The tentacle plains pod can now increase bottom sensitivity.
    Enabled the Maximum penis size for female PCs to account for the parasite penis.
  • Bug fixes
    Fixed a rogue NPC found when passing out on the pirate ship.
    Fixed an issue with handheld items. Thanks to P_Ruby.
    Fixed issues with the save system. Thanks to majou.
    Fixed lace arm warmers not having a femininity value. Thanks to FadedLines.
    Fixed a bug that caused history to drop on page refresh. Thanks to majou.
    Added missing options to export function. Thanks to majou.
    Fixed a number of mismatched fatigue outputs. Thanks to Tanny78.
    Fixed a bug that caused school to start at the wrong date. Thanks to creeping G.
    Fixed start screen padding. Thanks to xao.
    Corrected some issues with links at Mason’s pond, the tentacle plains, and the adult shop. Thanks to Electron Emissary.
    The bath slime event should now be disabled if swarms are disabled.
    Fixed an issue where the player could continuously wait for a new task pass office hours. Security will now escort the PC out into the Lobby if waiting for a new task extends past off hours. Thanks to googlyman.
    Fixes error due to missing function. Thanks to Xao.
    Fixed small oversight issue that allowed the player to enter the archaeological field office exposed. Thanks to ShinyMilk.
    Fixed small oversight issue that allowed the player to go to the strip club exposed if it is their first time. Thanks to ShinyMilk.
    Fixed issue that allowed the player to leave the park men and women’s bathroom naked without an exhibitionism check. Thanks to ShinyMilk.
    Thanks to Kirsty, Isari, Ybyx, P_Ruby, GrandAdmiralM, WHALER’S NIGHTMARE, handle5, GeneralFire, Jimmy and Lollipop Scythe for typo fixes.
  • Thanks to Jimmy for the following fixes:
    Fixed an issue with text.
    Fixed an issue with the brothel vending machine.
    Fixed underwear being eaten by the end of the adult shop opening.
    Forced divsex to respect boundaries.
    Cleaned up duplicated links found during swimming events.
    Added missing semen to player vagina when fucking Sydney.
    Copied frotting dialogue from global ejaculation to wall ejaculation.
    Fixed several images that had the wrong measurements.
    Fixed an issue with the black wolf’s dominance.
    Corrected remaining links that aren’t capitalised properly.
    Fixed some issues with sex toys.
  • Thanks to Ybyx for the following fixes:
    Fixed an issue with ironman mode.
    Fixed an issue with the clothing system.
    Fixed a bug that prevented 2/3rds of Sydney’s situational combat dialogue from triggering.
    Remove decoration around icon and image widgets for performance reasons.
    Fixed a bug that broke the parasite cheats. Thanks to hwp.
    Fixed an issue with stress/trauma at the pub.
    Fixed an issue with stress during an Avery event.
    A bunch of under the hood issues.
    Fix Kylar using their own pronouns to talk about Sydney in the library.
    Drunk/ Drugged/ Hallucinogens statbars now display their actual values when hovered over.
    Extra and non-extra pregnancy stats foldouts are no longer quantumly linked.
  • Thanks to P_Ruby for the following fixes:
    Fixed a bug involving repeated text in an Avery scene.
    Fixed pronouns in an Avery Scene.
    Fixed an escaped NPC during the Whitney orphanage loft event.
    Fixed a bug that allowed Whitney to be sent to the pillory after being dismissed.
    Fixed a bug that allowed Whitney to sunbathe after being dismissed.
    Fixed some errors with the PC’s speech attitude.
    Gave Whitney the appropriate pain tolerance during a scene in the adult shop.
    Fixed a bug that prevented screaming during the Whitney milkshake fight working.
    Fixed a bug that made love increase instead of decrease.
    Fixed a bug with the Ivory Wraith’s events.
    Fixed a bug with a Whitney street event.
    Made a check for long skirts more consistent.
    Fixed an issue with Kylar’s appearance at the fountain in the park.
    Fixed an error with time found when escaping prison.
    Formatting fixes.
  • Thanks to Lollipop Scythe for the following fixes:
    Fixed a minor version update error when new clothing slots are added.
    Fixed an issue that allowed the PC to evade the tutorial person if they had an ear slime.
    Fixed an incorrect base image for missionary close up images. Art courtesy of sseshess.
    Fixed an issue with the fallen angel transformation reducing beast transformation progress.
    Fixed an issue with the ear slime focues.
    Fixed contraceptives not affecting fetish and silly pregnancy mode as intended.
    Fixed a value that could be unintendedly deleted after starting a game.
    Fixed a minor feat issue.
    Fixed a bug that made the PC be offered a collar while already wearing one.
    Fixed an issue allowing sensitivities to continue to rise above the intended cap.
    Fixed a text issue when unable to afford hair products in the hair dressers.
    Fixed a minor exploit allowing you to dye your hair without having enough money for it.
    Fixed an issue with the Schism sequence related to hair color, makeup and fluids.
    Minor fix to ear slime checks missing check for dickgirls or cuntboys.
    Fixed a bug that allowed the PC to pray about their pregnant belly multiple times per day. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.
    Fixed an issue with Leighton’s breast inspection.
    Fixed an issue with ear slime growth being lowered beyond what it should.
    Corrected a parasite penis ussue in in Extra Stats.
    Fixed an issue where the chastity parasite was equipped when it should not have been.
    Fixed a minor UI and text issue when using the Try to fondle your chastity actions when the pc has both genitals.
    Fix to taken virginity and others being hidden in statistics and cheats after losing the parasite penis or changing sex.
    Minor fix to prevent it the ear slime introduction lowering what lewd interactions the ear slime is aware you’ve done.
    Fixed to an ear slime action during masturbation.
    Fixed temple virginity being taken/restored incorrectly in the cheat overlay.
    Fix to a Remy event check erroring out on starting a new save.
    You will no longer be able to walk to school with Robin while naked.
    Some Robin code clean up.
    Fix to a situation where the ear slime forced commando should apply.
    Fix to masturbation using an older genital check.
    Fixed an issue with hoods when trying to equip an item that gets prevented.
    Fix to prevent random swimmers from producing menacing metal shackles. This excludes those with a diving suit.
    Clothing warning text fixes.
    Blocked access to hair cheats while at the Hairdressers due to issues with them interacting.
    Fix to missing addinlineevent in the passage Vending Machine Buy.
    Fix to the ear slime events not return clothes to the wardrobe while at the Temple bunk or Alex’s bedroom.
    Fix for some exit wardrobe links not running required code.
    Fix to a clothing duplication/deletion issue.
    Added missing <<water>> widget call.
    Fix to the chastity parasite being leaky in the cafe.
    Text fixes
  • Thanks to Kirsty for the following fixes:
    Pinafores and shortalls will now hide pregnant bellies as intended.
    Fixed layering issues.
    Robin will now undo your bindings before you help them set up their stand.
    Eating pancakes will no longer teleport you to Cliff Street.
    Fixed a forced crossdressing scene that did not account for the forced crossdressing toggle being disabled.
    Fixed a widget that didn’t account for NudeGenderDC.
    Fixed Z-index for back layer of handheld items.
    Adjusted suspenders so they can properly clip onto high-waisted pants.
    Changed obsidian disc description so it’s not the same as the mine sign description.
    Implemented mask for fro so it no longer looks broken in hairstyle preview.
    Many hair mixel fixes.
    Fixed an event that didn’t properly shackle feet.
    Fixed some alignment issues on the characteristics page.
    Whitney can no longer throw your balloon into the ocean.
    Went rogue and shaved a bunch of players heads. (ponytails and pigtails don’t work correctly with the bat beanie; lopping off those styles when it’s equipped)
    Big ol file cleanup, which has resulted in the addition of size 6 breasts being enables for clothes that previously lacked them.
    Enabled the straw flower hat for purchase in the clothing shop.
    Removed the “exposed” property from the bellydancer bottoms and top, since despite being risque, they don’t actually expose the players breasts or genitals.
    Underwear will now layer under tights, except for leotards and long johns.
    Most pants can now be tucked into boots.
    Several shirt sleeves can now be rolled up.
    Fixed a bug with selecting a random colour in the shops.
    The dress shirt can now be recoloured.
    Made all denimwear recolourable.
    Sirris will now actually undo your bindings when they say they will, post-adult-shop-passout.
    Fixed paper fan layering under face items.
    Fixed a layering issue with the angel halo and removed the femininity for the gender-neutral gym shirt.
    Fixed a few bugs with hairstyles.
    Fixed a bunch of mixels.
    Fixed mask issue with breast sprites.
    Fixed missing handheld item bug when naked.
    Updated size 6 breast sprites for the v-neck sweater, open shoulder sweater, and maid dress, as well as integrity states to the v-neck sweater. Thanks to Beta.
    Restored Christmas Wraith rng to its proper place.
    Lilies can now be properly picked in the forest.
    Fixed colour mismatch in some outfit colours.
    Fixed hair traits disappearing. Thanks to Xao.
    Fixed incorrect icon dimensions.
    Added missing argyle sweater vest acc icon, breast sprites for the peacoat and Christmas dress/shirt, fixed animation issue with the pancake prop sprite, added an icon for the lake dock, and adjusted the hold sprite for the kimonos. Art courtesy of Beta.
    Fixed an issue with the leather jacket sprite while pregnant.
    Fixed a layering issue with the heart sunglasses in their alt position.
    Adjusted some clothing trait descriptions.
    Fixed layering bug for glasses.
    Fixed a visual bug where sleeves wouldn’t cover the player’s left arm if they had the feminine or androgynous body type.
  • Thanks to P_Ruby for the following fixes:
    Fixed a bug that prevented Whitney’s school rescue from working properly.
    Fixed a bug that prevented rng working correctly in some scenes.
    Fixed a bug that caused losing a fight against Whitney to result in the wrong scene.
    Fixed an issue with the PC’s skirt.
    Fixed a bug that prevented bratty PCs speaking appropriately during a scene.
  • Thanks to WHALER’S NIGHTMARE for the following fixes:
    Fixed an issue with Kylar’s sneak event.
    Fixed an issue with Robin in the underground brothel.
    Kylar will no longer go to bed in the middle of the day
    Comforting Kylar’s parents increases stress properly
    Foxing in Tentacle Plains correctly displays drug gain rather than hallucinogen gain
    The Starfish Challenge event now ends properly.
    Temple wall victims now use gendered pronouns.
    Fixed a bug that interfered with the police side door on Barb Street.

Game Images & Screenshots

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Text Only (v0.4.5.3): MEGA – PIXELDRAIN – MIXDROP – UP2SHARE
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