Den of the Defiant [Ch. 2] By Purplexel

Purplexel Games released a new game called Den of the Defiant and the version is Ch. 2. The game’s story is about Den of the Defiant is a story about a young demon who is unwittingly summoned by a coven of naïve witches. While he may be preoccupied with getting into their pants, he soon discovers there are sinister forces at work in this strange world.

Developer: Purplexel
File Size: 376.1 MB
Version: Ch. 2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 2

  • ~29,000 Words
  • ~900 Images (including sprites & FX)
  • ~30 Animations
  • 85 Sound Effects
  • 5 Music Tracks
  • 2+ hours of gameplay – This is how long it takes me to complete the chapter in my internal testing, and I move fairly quick as I’ve been through the content many times. Your actual mileage may vary!

Game Images & Screenshots


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