DiabolicaL ModifieD WifE ~She Wishes to Become Your Favorite Breasts~ [v1.2_MOD1] By KI-SofTWarE

KI-SofTWarE Games released a new game called DiabolicaL ModifieD WifE ~She Wishes to Become Your Favorite Breasts~ and the version is 1.2_MOD1. The game’s story is about A completely new work by KI-SofTWarE × Dangerous Thoughts × Neromashin, focusing on breast customization and exposure training, the breast customization game everyone has been dreaming of is here!! KI-SofTWarE’s new body customization game allows you to select schedules yourself,

enjoy sex events while collecting skill cards, making training and customization enjoyable for anyone with a new sensation training SLG system, the Discipline Game. Can you continue to love your wife as she transforms as you wish?​

Developer: KI-SofTWarE
File Size: 2.22 GB
Version: 1.2_MOD1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added the English Translation.
  • Added the extra patch from the official site that isn’t available when you buy the game from the store. It unlocks functionality and fixes bugs.

Developer Notes:

  • You can switch to “fullscreen” from “screen” on the task.
    (Please note that saving is only available at the end of each scene due to the nature of the game.)
    Right-clicking on the event screen allows you to enjoy the images by hiding the text bubble.
    If you want to skip a scenario, you can fast-forward by holding down the Ctrl key.
    Screen effects can be omitted by clicking the left mouse button.
    Voice is skipped as well, but selecting Display Speed→Fastest allows you to play at the highest speed through to the end of a page.
  • How to Play
    How to Advance in the Game
    The gameplay of the Discipline Game is very simple!
    Select a schedule with available erotic events, and as time passes, a skill card will be revealed.
    Completing the schedule takes you to the results screen, where you’ll receive the six revealed skill cards and a reward skill card based on the matched set.
    Using the skill cards you’ve obtained, you can freely customize your wife’s breasts to your liking.
  • As more skills, items, and parts for customization become available, the number of viewable erotic events also increases, and various variations are added to the erotic events you’ve seen before.
    In other words, you have fun with the erotic events, earn enhancement points for the next erotic events, and freely customize your wife’s body. Diabolical Wife is such an easy and casual body customization game!
  • About the Tutorial
    There’s a tutorial on the title screen to help you understand the game better.
    It’s packed with useful information necessary for mastering the Discipline Game, so please check it out.
  • About the Title Menu Items
    In addition to starting the game,
    the title screen features
    Tutorial, Recollection, Character Viewer, and System.
    We hope you enjoy the main game after its release for Tutorial and System.
  • About the System
    Adjustments for BGM, SE, voice, background voice volume,
    message window transparency settings,
    game hints, game difficulty adjustments,
    vibration effects on/off, opening cut,
    and full opening of elements such as recollections,
    have been made to ensure the game can be played comfortably.

Game Images & Screenshots

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