Dimon – The Witch’s Pervert Assistant [v0.2.7] By Dimon

Dimon Games released a new game called Dimon – The Witch’s Pervert Assistant and the version is 0.2.7. The game’s story is about brutal freelancer and all-time pervert, is now working as a witch assistant after the previous candidate disappeared due to mysterious circumstances. He now has to study and get alchemy ingredients to keep his job at the witch’s atelier, while getting to know his new mistress and the vast world of witchcraft. Of course, he’s also looking forward to have fun with (or punish) any woman he might come across, but not before taking photos of them to push them into a corner.​

Developer: Dimon
File Size: 43.8 MB
Version: 0.2.7
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Start of day Events
  • The Sale Event
  • Obscene Gallery Alpha
  • Script Revision
  • Sprites for actions
  • New events for Tisna and Senna
  • Minor adjustment and bugfixes

Developer Notes:

The game’s currently a prototype, so there are still many features to add and polish. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Right now there are only 2 heroines and you can only take photos.

TODO (to reach a demo state):

  • Special events
  • New Heroine
  • Push into a corner mechanic
  • Overall art polish (or not)
  • Getting hired (or not) event
  • Save/Load
  • More photos

Game Images & Screenshots


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