Divided: A Story of two Lovers [v0.1] By MochingMochi

MochingMochi Games released a new game called Divided: A Story of two Lovers and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is aboutGrowing up in a peaceful village named Calwen, your life has been pretty uneventful. The old folks in the village always talked about the “Disaster of the Millenium”, a war between the two kingdoms Malesburo and Flatense that once tore apart the continent of Fladenar. Calwen was the main stage of the battle and the once prospering village was reduced to a small settlement. You never paid too much attention to these stories of the war and continued living the quite life in the village, side by side with your beautiful partner.

Those times were seemingly going to continue on forever and after all this time, your marriage proposal got accepted. You were on an all time high, however, fate had enough of your shit and decided to intervene. The very next day after your proposal, the mayor of the village calls you and gives you a mission that will determine the fate on every person living on Fladenar. Will you be able to change fate with your very own hands?​

Developer: MochingMochi
File Size: 1.14 GB
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial release

Developer Notes:

  • go on a quest to stop the two biggest kingdoms on the continent from having another war
  • you can choose between a male protagonist and a female protagonist
  • you can choose one of two kingdoms to be sent to in order to accomplish the main goal you were given (not possible yet)
  • the two kingdoms will have different characters and options for your
  • you can choose on of three social classes (noble, commoner and vagrant) to have different options (jobs, housing, side characters) and scenes for your journey
  • more scenes, pictures, side characters, npcs, areas, buildings, options and jobs will be added with more updates

What to expect from the next update?

  • Next update will take some time. Here is what to expect (might edit/add/remove stuff later on):
  • battle system and battlefuck
  • mail system with different routes and pictures
  • more jobs and minigames
  • revamp of most of the existing scenes to be less static and more fluid
  • climax scenes and pictures
  • one side quest for every social class in both kingdoms
  • one dating event for every social class in both kingdoms
  • weather system and daily cycles for npcs and side characters
  • Feedback is appreciated!

Game Images & Screenshots


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