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PaPalon Games released a new game called Dr.Murph and the version is 0.3.27. The game’s story is about So there’s this game about a scientist named Dr. Murph who started a company that deals with weird stuff. He’s got a secretary named Repa who helps him out. It’s got stories and short levels that you gotta solve and find answers to puzzles. Sounds pretty exciting!​

Developer: PaPalon
File Size: 106.0 MB
Version: 0.3.27
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added 119 idle animations (movements and expressions) for all characters
  • Added Intro story for the beginning of the game
  • Added a new location in the office
  • Added a new outfit for Repa
  • Added in-game menu
  • Added a Boost button for all erotic animations
  • Added a quit button for skipping some of the animations and puzzles
  • Added coin system and its quick menu
  • Added an erotic animation for Silvia
  • Added 3 explicit images after Silvia’s animations
  • Added a new scene for Amber after the mini-game
  • Added a new story part for Sharg after the mini-game
  • Added Gallery in tablet
  • Added Mission info pages for each mission
  • Added tap hand guides for guiding players
  • Added special mouse cursor for click and hover events.
  • Added warning choice for bloody contents
  • Added full-screen mode for Zizi mini-game
  • Added a Tablet button for the end of the game
  • Added a pre-splash scene for the Android version
  • Changed the game logo
  • Changed the creator logo
  • Changed tablet main design
  • Fixed Amber mini-game bug
  • Fixed tablet (Missions) bug
  • Fixed Zizi mini-game bugs
  • Rewrote all the text.

Developer Notes:

  • You get HD resolution (1280×720)
  • 2D full artwork
  • 2D high-quality animations with sounds
  • Cool stories and Puzzles
  • and more!

Game Images & Screenshots



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