DreamLink [v0.2 Patreon] By Noctus Games

Noctus Games released a new game called DreamLink and the version is 0.2 Patreon. The game’s story is about As a new student in Belcrest, you find yourself at the heart of a mystery that will shape the very nature of existence. Visited by odd dreams and visions… could they be something more? Dreams blur with reality, and a greater threat emerges, casting a shadow over both worlds. At the precipice of history, the choice now falls to you. What path will you take?​

Developer: Noctus
File Size: 1.18 GB
Version: 0.2 Patreon
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • The day is here! Expect more mystery, more girls, and more fun in update 0.2…
  • 1000+ new renders
  • 21 new music tracks
  • Bug fixes to 0.1
  • Zip compressed for a more manageable file size
  • Added dialogue box opacity slider


  • 1090+ renders and animations
  • Music and SFX

Developer Notes:

Renders and animations created using Honey Select 2. Thanks to the awesome Illusion modding and Discord community, who helped answer many questions in the development of DreamLink.

Game Images & Screenshots


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