E-Thots : A game set in a 100% interactive PC interface! [v1.0 free] By Archipote

E-Thots : A game set in a 100% interactive PC interface! [v1.0 free] By Archipote

Archipote Games released a new game called E-Thots : A game set in a 100% interactive PC interface! and the version is 1.0 free. The game’s story is about You’ll take on the role of Avar, an ambitious young man who inherits his uncle’s celebrity agency. Avar is an arrogant and rather surly man, and so he has decided to get rid of all the former talents from his uncle’s agency, in order to devote himself to the career of Morgane, a family friend who will become his girlfriend in spite of himself, and his two sisters, Anna and Elaine.

The aim of the game is, among other things, to develop the careers of your talents while managing your relationships with your sisters and your girlfriend.The game takes place in two phases. The first phase occurs on a 100% interactive PC interface, where you can follow the dialogues in a “Discord-like” application. The second phase, the “job” phase, takes place during a Reigns-inspired mini-game.

Watch your talents take part in a ton of different shows you’ve chosen for them, log on to your girlfriend’s Despot (discord) account to spy on her conversations, and upgrade your agency to unlock even more H content!

Developer: Archipote
File Size: 247.7 MB
Version: 1.0 free
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

First release

Developer Notes:

When I started developing this game, the idea I wanted to explore was to plunge the player into a universe and social environment that he doesn’t know, but that all the characters obviously know very well, in which he will have to understand himself through the interactions that the characters have with each other : their relationships, their appreciation of each other, their stories…

This is why the characters take very little time, if any, to explain who they are. They do, however, leave a ton of clues in their interactions that will allow you to form your own ideas about how they feel about each other, and sometimes let you interpret them by yourself.

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E-Thots : A game set in a 100% interactive PC interface! [v1.0 free] By Archipote

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