EGGOMON [vApr 1st] By Invader Incubus

Invader Incubus Games released a new game called EGGOMON and the version is Apr 1st. The game’s story is about IS A MONSTER CATCHING RPG. Capture monsters, gather resources, explore, and don’t get bred by wild creatures!

Developer: Invader Incubus
File Size: 204.2 MB
Version: Apr 1st
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Apr 1st:

  • Galem Added + Xanim + Unevolved
  • WIND TYPE added, Wind move: Razornado added
  • Redpin Added + X anim + Unevolved
  • New zone: OPEN PLAINS

Developer Notes:

When reporting bugs, please be descriptive of your actions when the bug occurred. Most of the art will be redone by a pixel artist soon. UI and Audio assets are CC0, and many homemade assets and tiles for the project will also be released under CC0.

Game Images & Screenshots


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