Emilie Finds a Way [v0.8 Final] By Allworks

Emilie Finds a Way [v0.8 Final] By Allworks

Allworks Games released a new game called Emilie Finds a Way and the version is 0.8 Final. The game’s story is about A game about a girl named Emilie, who will discover love, sex, and especially pleasure. There will be a lot of kinks, but always in a good way. Cheating without pain or anger, groping without violence, etc. My purpose is to create a game that places the female MC in the same position as the usual porn male protagonists. She can have a lot of sex or affairs without being ashamed or disrespected. The porn world is fantastic for scenarios like that because what we want is a good story but especially good sex.

Developer: Allworks
File Size: 1.93 GB
Version: 0.8 Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog

v0.8 Final

v0.8 Beta

There is still a lot of content to be added to this beta work. With the use of some new software, I can now create my own GIFs from videos that are far more effectively portray the tale. I think we will gain a lot for the quality of the content overall.

Game Images & Screenshots

Old saves do not work with v0.6a. Either start the game again, or use the included save file.

Emilie Finds a Way [v0.8 Final] By Allworks

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