Enishia and the Binding Brand [v1.01 Steam] By Shimobashira Workshop/Kagura Games

Shimobashira Workshop/Kagura Games released a new game called Enishia and the Binding Brand and the version is 1.01 Steam. The game’s story is about simple nun and the sole manager of the last church in Megista. However, she must pay off a mountain of debt to prevent the demolition of the church and its attached orphanage. How can she make the money she needs? Formally known as “Enicia and the Contract Mark ~Little Saint of Horseshoe Street~”

Developer: Shimobashira Workshop/Kagura Games
File Size: 1.36 GB
Version: 1.01 Steam
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v1.01 Steam

  • Fixed indents for initial contract terms being hidden behind Enishia’s head during the opening prologue scene.
  • Fixed indents in various help glossary entries.
  • Edited Enishia’s profile text in the Contract/Experiences menu.
  • Adjusted Enemy Encyclopedia text.
  • Adjusted Growth/Stat Increase menu help text for Dexterity and Luck.
  • Adjusted Contract/Experiences History date format (non-retroactive, fixed to saves).
  • Adjusted Main Menu text positions for rank names and EXP.
  • Harmonized references to Divine Arts as Holy Arts.
  • Translated Developer Credits.

Developer Notes:

Enishia lives a simple but busy life as a woman of the cloth and the sole manager of the last church of Resta in Megista, but one day that life is thrown into chaos. A merchant from the shady Zimmet Company arrives at the church, and for some reason he has the deed to the church’s land! He offers to grant her a loan for the value of the land so that she can keep the church and its attached orphanage open, but in exchange, she’ll have to be branded with a Contract Crest. The deadline to repay the enormous debt she’s been saddled with is all too close, and Enishia must find a way to repay it. What will she do to earn the money? Why did the Zimmet Company have the deed to the land? And why is Megista suddenly facing so many concurrent problems? It’s up to you and Enishia to find out!

It’s a race against the clock as Enishia tries to scrounge up the immense sum of money to pay back her loan before the deadline. Spend your time wisely as you investigate several ways to make money. Work at a bar, serve the Resta faith’s flock or explore board-game-inspired dungeons for treasure. You can even create custom explorers to join Enishia on her excursions! It’s up to you how you try to pay back Enishia’s debt, but the mysteries continue. Will you track down the true reason for Enishia’s predicament and ensure she never gets saddled with debt again? If you do, then New Game+ awaits, where you can try different methods of earning money all while keeping your stats!

Earn Your Keep
Help Enishia make the money she needs to pay off her debt by participating in various money-earning activities. You’ll have to manage your time wisely if you’re going to meet the deadline!

Roll the Dice
Exploration occurs on board-game-style maps, and dice rolls determine everything from movement to combat.

Make Your Team
You can hire a number of different explorers to join your party or create your own custom explorers! Get an explorer’s license, and you can even invite non-explorer NPCs to join you in the game’s dungeons!

Repayment Isn’t the End
Paying back your debt is essential, but it’s far from the only thing to do in Enishia and the Binding Brand! Will you manage to reach the true ending?

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