eNTRusted Everwhite [v.0.2.3] By PickyPockety

PickyPockety Games released a new game called eNTRusted Everwhite and the version is 0.2.3. The game’s story is about

Hiiro is a young man who lives in a desolate village. He aspires to be a hero one day. However, his lack of skill, poor physical prowess, vicious bullying, and lack of family support for his dreams have all contributed to his difficult life.

Misfortunes mount as Hiiro fights against the fate that continues to seek him out, pushing him to the verge of despair.

May this be a blessing or a curse. He found precious allies along the way, yet they have caught the eyes of his one and only biggest pinnacle of suffering. The very fabric of his existence unravels, revealing a cruel fate that seems inescapable.​

Developer: PickyPockety
File Size: 495.5 MB
Version: 0.2.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

First of all, for those who have played the game, thank you so much. It must have been a boring, long ass introduction. I was planning to give a little childhood story and got carried away even as far as creating this character, Trisha, who I didn’t plan to develop at all in the first place (just a childhood friend that got screwed). Not only is this my first release, but it’s also my first time writing. It might be a little cringey, but please bear with it. I’ll try to get better.

Just for your information, I’m just going to make a game with NTR in it. There will probably be different endings, but ultimately, NTR is not avoidable.

That’s probably it. Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a nice day or nice sleep.

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