Eros [v0.3.3.1b] By EroWolf Digital

EroWolf Digital Games released a new game called Eros and the version is The game’s story is about Creating adult furry games for VR and non-VR! All updates will be posted here or to the public discord. Story-based roleplay and free-roam VR are the primary focuses as of now.

Developer: EroWolf Digital
File Size: 4.56 GB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • NPC/Player Looking now works much better, and the slight head tilt when look at things to the side has been fixed. The player will now also look at NPCs if they are close to them.
  • Improved Inventory UI is now implemented, and you can see item descriptions when you hover over items and their stat changes (though they don’t change any stats yet).
  • X-Ray/Internal View can now be toggled on/off for both the player and NPC in the animation window, and will enable itself on whoever is doing the penetrating action.
  • Breast Jiggle Physics has been updated and should look much better now.
  • Belly Jiggle Physics is now implemented, and is enabled if your character has the “husky” body type and isn’t wearing pants or a shirt!
  • Camera Options now fully work again, and a new Depth of Field option to better control the look has been added.
  • Additional Clothing options are now available, including some cool new space suits
  • NPCs have some new attire equipped by default, such as glasses, bracers, etc.
  • Fixed Blendshapes for more models and body types.
  • Screen Fade Outs now occur when you select a new animation, so you don’t see the behind the scenes stuff going on.
  • Changing Who Tops now restarts the animation automatically with the correct actor topping.
  • Holiday Options to prepare for the spooky season, there is now a dialogue prompt available via the apartment’s center console (accessible from the kitchen) that toggle on/off Halloween decorations!

Developer Notes:

So before I started working on the EROS VR a few months ago, I was making another non-vr game just called EROS. There’s a base story in place already, and it’s going to be a lewd, somewhat light RPG that is more focused on character choices than leveling/combat.

Anyways, here’s a screenshot of the main menu page I made before starting on the VR side project! Both will be in development at the same time, though I will probably gradually shift focus to this over time.

Game Images & Screenshots


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