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Game Srory Line

Feline Fantasies is a furry visual novel game where you can find, meet and interact with different furry felines from some of your favourite games. Explore Southern and Northern Ruby Island, get frisky with the locals and find out more about your past, the island itself and a looming threat that has thrown everything in disarray.​

Developer Notes

What started out as a small Flash project has now made its way on to the Unity Engine. Feline Fantasies has been completely remade from scratch, with new visuals, art, animations and mini-games. With this new update, the entire game is playable from beginning to end alongside a small post-game and includes sixteen different unlockable characters with up to twenty-one different NSFW scenes to enjoy, including but not limited to:

  • Three different feline Pokémon, namely a Litten, Espeon and Meowstic
  • Three different video game felines, namely a Gatomon, a Felyne and a Villager
  • Three different anime felines, namely Puck, Luna and Blair
  • Three different Disney/Pixar felines, namely Duchess, Nala and Mittens
  • A final boss battle with animated attack sequences
  • A complete post-game with two added felines to wrap up the entire story in a neat little bow
  • The classic art as seen on the flash game, as well as completely redrawn art for every scene
  • Ten simple mini-games with an easy, intermediate and hard option
  • An explore option to find new locations, characters and unlock items
  • Dialogue trees with different branches that create different outcomes
  • An original story interwoven within the game
  • Original animations and a little bit of voice acting at the intro

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