Feral Island [v0.15.252] By VR_Ferals

VR_Ferals Games released a new game called Feral Island and the version is 0.15.252. The game’s story is about is VR game with a wide range of adult and feral-themed features, centering around fantasy, mystical, and alien creatures the players can watch, befriend and interact with. The main idea is to create a sandbox game with a very optimistic approach to sexual inter-species relationships that is based on conses and exploration instead of force and violence. After taming and befriending, you will also be able to gratify your feral friends’ needs or even experience being a feral creature yourself.​

Developer: VR_Ferals
File Size: 2.81 GB
Version: 0.15.252
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Added the raptor to the FeralPainter.

  • Changes:
    Data path for loading mods including the ‘puffin’ custom texture was changed to the default ‘streamingAssets’ folder. This also fixed an issue loading the ‘puffin’ custom texture and should improve multi mod support.
    Added the missing belly parts to the “puffin” female Felkin custom texture.
  • Bugfixes:
    Fixed a bug in which the quality settings were overwriting the current fur setting of the FeralPainter. The FeralPainter now has higher priority over selected quality settings. Other quality settings still persist.
    Fixed a bug in which the “Snout Ring” button in the FeralPainter would show the wrong button state.
    Multiple UI naming and logix fixes in the FeralPainter.

Developer Notes:

What is VR Ferals

VR_Ferals is an adult-themed fully interactive virtual reality simulation, that uses most modern virtual reality devices (but can be also used without VR device). It will be possible to pose your models and to re-arrange parts of the 3d environment and build-in 3D-assets, create animations and customize your 3d models. VR_Ferals also uses physics for limb simulation and will use this physics engine for particles in a later state.

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras:StreamVR – Valve Index

The Book Of Felkan 2:

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