FFS, Another Northern Duke [Spicy v1.0] By Chthonic Chrome Studio

Chthonic Chrome Studio Games released a new game called FFS, Another Northern Duke and the version is Spicy v1.0. The game’s story is about Expelled from the modern world into a novel, you occupy the body of a minor villainess, on her way to marry the beastly Duke of the North. (Why does that sound familiar…) Your mission? To have him falling for you. Should be easy, right? Or maybe this is all a dream? You decide. Teaser

Developer: Chthonic Chrome Studio
File Size: 683.6 MB
Version: Spicy 1.0
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • Customizable Female MC (clothes and appearance) who interacts with the world in two (choosable) ways,
  • Story-rich visual novel (VN) with both plot-affecting choices + flavor choices,
  • Romantic + Platonic choices/scenes,
  • Landscape backgrounds with variations + 18 CGs,
  • [Spicy: 4 additional scenes + 5 additional CGs]
  • Mini items CGs + chibi CGs,
  • 5 ending achievements to collect,
  • In-game endings guide in achievements (after completing one ending),
  • Over 100k words and around 10-11 hours of play time (one ending),
  • Your guide – a sassy bird who talks shit!
  • One (1) Male Romance Option:

Game Images & Screenshots



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