First Change [v0.10] By Fixers

Fixers Games released a new game called First Change and the version is 0.10. The game’s story is about You are 21 years old.You just finished university.You live alone.So what will you do now?How will you make money?How will you make friends?How will the girls you meet affect your life?You will feel the change. There are three side characters in the game, all of whom represent a theme.Tangent Femdom theme, Penny abdl theme, and Natalie Sissy theme.The story is shaped by these three characters who shape your life. I use a lot of gifs and photos in the game; I enrich it with gifs, not just a read and pass style game.​

Developer: Fixers
File Size: 554.4 MB
Version: 0.10
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • A Clothing Store has been added. Currently it is only a men’s boutique.
  • Story split into two paths. Sissy+Abdl and Sissy+Femdom. You have to choose one and continue, both have different storylines.
  • New dialogs and gifs have been added.



  • New renders
  • The side story continues.
  • New Hypno video.

v0.3 Renp’y

  • 50+ new renders.
  • New passage.
  • The story is fully formed and ongoing.
  • Synopsis: MC becomes more docile as he drinks from the drink. Therefore he thinks less and does as he is asked.
  • 3 new side characters have been added.
  • The new characters will affect the events you will experience when you return to your room without affecting the story. Therefore, you will be able to freely choose the girl you want.



Game Images & Screenshots



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