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Epiphanius Games released a new game called Flowers and the version is Ep.4. The game’s story is about You are a young man who has recently crossed the threshold into adult life. Over the past few years, you have primarily focused on education and work. However, recently you made the decision to take a vacation and relax. And now, as you explore the world beyond work, you realize that life offers much more than just work. You start paying attention to other aspects of your life, such as relationships with women. You discover that your relationships with women you have known before can evolve into something greater.

Developer: Epiphanius
File Size: 375.8 MB
Version: Ep.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • about 3500 words
  • 4 animations
  • 2 separate routes with Skyla (one scene for each)
  • Scene with Hannah
  • Scene with Jenny and Lisa
  • Slightly reworked scenes from the first episode (added one mini-animation and one interactive scene)
  • Added option to select animation quality (for low-performance systems)


  • about 6300 words
  • 4 animations
  • 2 separate routes with Skyla (two scenes for each)
  • 2 scenes with Hannah
  • Scene with Jenny
  • Introduction of one new character and an announcement of another for future updates.
  • Improved CGs from the first episode and added one animation.
  • Reworked one animation from the second episode.
  • Improved backgrounds.
  • Ntr removed

First Release

-First Release

Game Images & Screenshots

There’s no NTR in the game.


Extras: Play in browser(Ep.1-2)

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